Your Savings

At some point, enough people are going to realize this: The Government wants all your money.

Medicaid Patients Shocked

You know this is bad if The Daily Kos is complaining about it.

However, don’t think this will stop the Federal Government. This kind of news isn’t new. There are still bills in Congress circulating around about getting their hands on your 401k. Many people of dubious ideologies support confiscating all dead people’s assets, despite the deceased having a will or trust. Furthermore, we know how the Government within the last 10 years has had no problem stealing private property because it wasn’t being used for the right purpose–whatever that means.

This happens because Government doesn’t want you to be self-sufficient. I mean, what do you think Obamacare is about? It’s about reliance on Government for your health. And the reason Government wants the money you save is because that money makes you independent from Government. And the powers-that-be don’t want that. 

And they’ll do anything to get at the money you’ve saved.

In my Govicide series, the Masses are not allowed to save credits. If they don’t use them, they’re taken away at the end of the month and then given new ones at the beginning of the next. It’s the perfect way to keep their attention on getting more from the Government and expecting less from themselves. 

Saving money and keeping it away from the Government is not just a way to retire. It’s a way to stay independent. 

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