I’ll give you all this nice tidbit on Christmas. Have a Merry one, by the way.

Drunk Kim Jung Un Issues Execution Orders

This is the very kind of thing that our system of Government is supposed to prevent. No person should live in a system where their existence depends on what side of the bed the ruler wakes up on from day to day. Or, what the Dictator had for lunch. Or, whether his favorite team won.

That’s how they live in North Korea, and every other regime around the World. 

But it seems that the USA is getting closer and closer to this kind of governance. We have laws but more and more we seem to make things up as we go along. A law is passed–like Obamacare–and then Obama decides to alter himself, on a whim. If something doesn’t fit his liking, he issues an Order changing.

Sure, it’s efficient. But, Government isn’t supposed to be efficient. In fact, it’s inefficiency is something we hope for–it’s also the reason we as conservatives don’t like putting economic issues in the hands of Government.

In my Govicide novels, the One World Government rules on a whim as well. If it doesn’t like something, it changes it. Doesn’t matter who benefits and who is hurt–the Masses have no say. Every day subjects in the OWG wake up not knowing who will live and who will die when the OWG makes a decision.

That isn’t freedom. And we should oppose any step in that direction by the Federal Government of the USA.

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