Where It Matters

I wish I could say I’m surprised by this report:

D.C. is #1

Of course, we know why this is the case: Because D.C. is ripping the 50 states off. In fact it’s happening right now as I type this. It happens while we sleep. It happens while watch tv. It’s happening all the time.

It’s like the USA is a funnel and D.C. is the hole at the bottom where all the money flows. I’m sure if you walk around the new neighborhoods growing around DC you’d never know the economic problems the USA is having.

Likewise, in my Govicide novels the One World Government’s District–which is coincidentally D.C. as well–is very much the same. To tour the District no one would ever know the rest of the Earth is falling apart. In the District where the OWG rules the Masses, the buildings are beautiful. The grass perfect. Everyone happy.

But, everywhere else, decay is noticeable.

This is what will happen if the trend exposed in the Gallup poll continues.

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