Unwanted Children

There are already many countries who are very close to the World I describe in my Govicide novels:

Baby Boxes in China

That I bring up China shouldn’t be a surprise. There is a long list of others: North Korea, Muslim Countries, Russia. And this attitude toward unwanted children is similar to all.

In fact, when collectivism begins its attack on a country, the children are the first to suffer. So, you get “baby boxes”–a place where people can deposit their children if they don’t want to take care of them anymore. How this is any different than what people do with their trash, I’m not sure.

I’ve read stories about North Korea where children and their parents fight each other for food, with the parents often killing their offspring in the process. In the civilized world we claim that nothing can come between a mother and her children. Unfortunately, that’s not true. Allow a system to take hold where the government provides everything and you’ll see parents and children be at odds in no time.

This is exactly what happens in my Govicide novels. Children are seen as a burden, something that must be endured not loved. But I have to admit not even I came up with the idea of “baby boxes.”

Really, we already have this kind of situation in the USA. And I’m not even speaking of abortion which is the ultimate in child-hating. I’m talking of our entitlement system where younger people are forced by Government to care for old people. And our seasoned citizens go right along with it, effectively stealing from 20-something’s so they can go on their casino trips.

It has to stop. Baby boxes, abortion, entitlements, all of it.

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