They’ll Never Stop

James O’Keefe does the job 60 Minutes and other news organizations used to do:

Battleground Texas Voting Scheme

This reminds all of us that liberalism is never going to stop. No matter how many times you try to stamp it out it will pop up somewhere else. The defense of freedom is a constant job–there is no “goal,” there is only “process.”

What that means is even we are successful, our conservative descendants will be doing the exact same thing James O’Keefe is doing a hundred years from now.

In my Govicide novels, I try to illustrate this. No matter how many mistakes the One World Government makes, it never questions it’s intentions and goals. Instead, it buckles down and keeps doing more of the same in different way–different ways to control people, different ways to expose people, different ways to execute people. And it NEVER doubts itself. Just as liberals don’t in the 21st century.

The woman in that video couldn’t be more sure of herself and her methods. And she’s not alone–all liberals are like that.

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