They Want Machines

I get the feeling too many people are going to like this:

Computerized People

In some huge building somewhere in Washington D.C., some power-mongering bureaucrat is reading this story and is salivating like a Pavlov dog. No need for cameras or the NSA. With a click of a button, the Government will be able to tap into people’s minds to see what they’re doing and what they’re thinking about doing.

And like I said above, some people are going to like this. 

Sure, the article talks about how great this is going to be for certain people with certain diseases. But it will be the healthy people, the independent people, the freedom-loving people who will suffer. That’s why I say what Governments really want are machines, not humans. They want devices they can program and track, control and disable. This is where this combining of computers and humans will lead.

In my Govicide novels, the computerizing of people is what push my main character, Michael Locke, over the edge in embracing a new way of life and opposing the One World Government. After learning many lessons from the master criminal/individualist, Hamilton, and seeing things aren’t exactly as they seem within the OWG, Michael knows the implanting of chips and computers in people will only make it worse for the Masses. Thus, he decides to oppose the OWG with everything he has.

We all should do the same. It’s already too much that there are computers spying on us in our cars. Too many traffic cams. Too many NSA hackers with nothing better to do than see what we’re doing online. 

But, once they’re inside our minds, it’s over. We become machines.

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