The Rich

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The Rich and Dictators

Before I go any further, I want to tell you that I love rich people. I think they’re verbally amused way too much in our world. They’re taxed too much. Regulated too much. Etc., etc., etc.

However, I also know rich people will always have options as the World gets closer and closer to Armageddon. Whereas, the average person will not.

Ayn Rand in Atlas Shrugged portrayed a few well-off people as the ones who would resist her world’s move toward collectivism. I love that book. But, more and more, I think she gets it wrong.

Frankly, there aren’t enough rich people to make a difference if they were to “check out” from society. In my Govicide series, I choose a different belief: It will be the average people–the middle class, if you will–who won’t give in to the movement toward a socialistic society. And in trilogy, the rich go along with the One World Government when it is formed.

Why? Because, in the end, they have the most to lose and there are enough of them that their numbers could be scary to a controlling Government. In addition, they aren’t poor enough, or lazy enough, to get Government benefits. But, they aren’t rich enough to manipulate circumstances in their favor.

So, I think this article gets it somewhat correct. But, of course, I put it in fiction 3 years before this article was published.

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