The Police State

I’m not a fan of the InfoWars website but I saw this link on the Drudge Report:

People Love The Police State

I realize that all sorts of people and organizations do questionnaires like this. And we must remember: They edit out all of the people who correctly reject signing the petitions. For example, when they do “Man On The Street” on Sean Hannity’s show or Jay Leno–they edit out the rational people. I mean, it’s not entertaining if people don’t make idiots of themselves.

However, I do believe that if a police state were to happen on this Earth it would happen without firing a shot and the Masses would believe it to be an improvement over current conditions. Not to say that it wouldn’t be violent–it would be. The violence, though, would be behind closed doors as people disappear without explanation. There will be no great civil war between freedom fighters and the police state villains. Trust me.

More likely, as I explain in my Govicide series, the people who believe in freedom will check out one by one, allowing those who believe in the police state to kill themselves over time. And it won’t be the Prime Movers as Ayn Rand believed in Atlas Shrugged.

The people who will revolt by “checking out” will be the common man and woman who know they have no bargaining chips in totalitarian state. Rich and powerful people always have options–you and I do not. So, we must be aware and vigilant and prepare for the time when the Earth has gotten to the place where there is no turning back.

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