The Minority Report

This kind of story reminds me of that film with Tom Cruise:

Prediction of Future Crime in TX

I know many people on both sides of the aisle won’t like this story. They’ll agree with the dissenting judge that this is an overreach by the state of TX. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if this case gets overturned if the plaintiffs choose to take it further.

However, I think the outrage about this is misplaced. And I hope people don’t waste too much energy allowing this story to keep them up at night.

The truth is this: When the Government wants you, it’s gonna come and get you, warrant or not. That is what history tells us. The “prediction of future crime” isn’t a sign we’re descending into a police state. That we have a Government as large as ours is a sign we’re getting close to a police state. This future crime stuff is a mere by-product of government size. No small Government at the State or Federal level would ever have the resources to sit around and try to figure out the future. Remember, in the movie, they used  people with special, “mystical” skills–not hard evidence and government studies.

I mention all this because in my Govicide novel series, the OWG (One World Government) whisks people out of their homes although they weren’t doing anything illegal. Simply, the Government decided it was their turn to die. And made it happen–just like Kim Jung Un had his uncle executed and then proceeded to delete him from North Korean history.

In my books, there was no small step of “future crime” between a world based on freedom and then the next based on tyranny. I wrote it that way because history’s been that way. Sure, sometimes the Government will cook up some charges to make it look good. But, usually it’s just people being in the wrong place at the wrong time. And I don’t think we can stay that about those meth cookers in TX.

So, don’t worry about this. Start worrying when the Government, without warrants or anything else, start whisking people away who don’t have meth ingredients in their house.

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