The Middle East

It’s been the most turbulent part of the World for a while now . . .

Israel hates Iran Deal

. . . so I had to include it in my Govicide series.

In the books the area serves as both a cautionary tale and a mystery. On one hand, the Masses know the One World Government, as one of its first acts, bombed the Middle East to prove its desire to destroy anyone who doesn’t fall in line with the new power on the Earth. This reminds the Masses that they are not to rebel.

In addition, the OWG forbids anyone from venturing into the Middle East now that it’s destroyed to high levels of radiation left over from the weapons used. Jets are to fly around the area and not through it. Trains skirt the area by taking the long way around and even they sometimes encounter the after effects of the weapons–high Geiger readings, sand storms, electricity blackouts, etc. So, the Masses wonder what it’s like inside this area that covers thousands of square miles but their curiosity is tempered by knowing they’d die if they wandered in.

And, not to give too much away, but this area of the Earth plays a large part in the plot before the trilogy is completed . . .

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