The Long Fall

I’ve been following the story of Golden Gate jumpers for a while now:

2013 Was Deadliest Year

The interesting part about people who jump off bridges to commit suicide is this: The people who’ve survived such attempts often say afterwards that halfway down they regretted trying to kill themselves. True story.

But, how can this be: A new suicide record in the liberal utopia of California. And not just California, but the liberal of all liberal places in probably the entire USA: San Francisco. I thought with the Democrats controlling everything in that state everyone would be happy, jovial, and ecstatic.

I wonder what’s going on . . .

This reminds me of the film, The Lives of Others, where the director secretly writes an article and gets it published in Der Spiegel. In it, he writes about the skyrocketing suicide rate in East German, and in particular East Berlin. That was a fascinating film by the way. In fact, the facts about suicide in that movie were true: East Germany had a much higher rate than West Germany and all of the free countries of Europe.

That should tell us all we need to know about communism: It makes you not want to be here anymore. And quite possibly, that’s what’s going on in California as well. I wonder how California’s suicide rate compares to the rest of the USA. Hmmmmm . . .

In my Govicide novels. suicide is an issue as well. My main character begins to realize that more and more people are taking their own lives. He has a hard time understanding this since the One World Government claims the Earth has never been better. This touches him personally when his own girlfriend attempts to slash her wrists but he stops her just in time. Due to his lack of historical knowledge, he doesn’t realize that communism always brings death, whether by homicide, suicide, or starvation.

This is why we should keep a close eye on suicide rates in the USA. They are a prime indicator of which way this country is headed.

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