When my editor was going through my third book, Resist, she especially liked this one.

In that book, I detail how the government department, Govicide, came to be. Not to give too much away but . . . I explain how over the years preceding my books the IRS got more and more power to the point where it was more than a revenue-collection organization. Instead, it became the department that protected the government’s interests all over the world once the One World Government was formed. At that point its name was changed to the Govicide Department–like a Homicide Department, but different. (I should probably do a blog about the word, govicide.)

Well, my editor applauded me for putting that into the third book given recent events of 2012 and 2013, especially in the IRS’s connection to Obamacare. I had to tell her that those years had nothing to do with it. I came up with the IRS changing into an even more tyrannical department back in 2010 when Resist was written. Specifically, I had no idea the IRS would be involved in Obamacare, although I could easily predict 3 years ago that the IRS would continue to get more and more power as the Federal Government got larger and larger.

And, what do you know? Here we are in 2013 and the IRS is being given way more power than its originators could’ve ever predicted, and way more power than it ever should have. The Govicide series is coming true.

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