The Final Frontier

I have to admit this wasn’t one of my main themes in my Govicide series. In fact, I think it was only mentioned in the first book, Comply. But it ended up being pretty accurate.

There were inklings back in 2010 when I started the series that the Shuttle program would be shut down within the next couple years–2011 or 2012. That proved to be accurate. The USA no longer uses the Shuttles. And that’s probably a debate to be had on my podcast, not here.

However, in my first book, my main character, Michael Locke, looks to the sky and remembers how there was a time when the OWG launched spacecraft and satellites. But those days were long gone. The reason? The Government decided that exploration got in the way of giving the Masses more Goods and Services. So, all its efforts were diverted toward that.

And here in the year 2013, a person could say the United States Federal Government has pretty much given up on space as well, unless it has to do with launching military vehicles or weather satellites that will try to tell us global warming exists. Really, private companies now spearhead efforts to get people into space. I wonder how long the Federal Government will allow that to go on before it comes in and regulates the new space industry to death.

Frankly, the Federal Government has given up on space because it believes it must continue to provide for people instead–something governments are not supposed to do. Obamacare, Social Security, Welfare, subsidized boondoggles, etc.–they all get in the way of space exploration.

Kind of sounds like what’s going on in my first book, doesn’t it? I just didn’t realize it would happen this fast. 

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