Articles for January 6, 2015 Show

HEADLINE: Steve Scalise should step down.

MY RESPONSE: For what . . . having racist friends?

HEADLINE: Sharyl Attkisson sues the Justice Department

MY RESPONSE: I’m not sure the Government hacked her computer.

HEADLINE: States move to outlaw warrantless ISMI Catcher activity.

MY RESPONSE: This has a lot to do with the drug legalization crowd.

HEADLINE: School forbids student from reading Bible.

MY RESPONSE: The parents are outraged. Uh, where have they been?

Articles for January 1, 2015 Show

HEADLINE: Steve Scalise probably didn’t speak at the white supremacist convention.

MY RESPONSE: Where are the apologies?

HEADLINE: Federal Student Loan Dept tops $800,000,000,000

MY RESPONSE: Liberal education leaders are responsible.

HEADLINE: State, local government face mounting future debt.

MY RESPONSE: As States take on more unconstitutional responsibilities, this is gonna happen.

HEADLINE: Gun owners fear MD police search for guns.

MY RESPONSE: Don’t believe the hype and don’t turn this into in a reverse Ferguson situation.


Articles for December 31, 2014 Show

HEADLINE: Gruber in 2009: Obamacare won’t control costs

MY RESPONSE: This time he can’t claim it’s conjecture.

HEADLINE: Talk show hosts want Boehner and Scalise to step down.

MY RESPONSE: Scalise isn’t a racist and we conservatives need to stop navel gazing.

. . . and my predictions for 2015.