Edward Snowden continues to be a wealth of information:

All Phone Calls Recorded 

I guess it’s not surprise that you find intrusive surveillance in a dystopian novel. My Govicide series is no different. I guess what surprises me is how it exploded so quickly after I started to publish my books.

In my books, people have to be careful what they say on the phone because computer programs sample conversations for certain words. As in real life, phones can track people from cell tower to cell tower.

So, if a person wants to get around the One World Government surveillance, he or she has to be crafty in my books, usually going to the lengths of not carrying a phone at all. Luckily, in real life, it doesn’t seem like most people are going along with what the Federal Government has been doing over the years. In my books, people like it because they believe the OWG is there to help and protect them.

I lean toward the side that says Government has no business tracking people and listening to an average citizens phone calls. Government eavesdropping on law-abiding citizens can only lead to tyranny.

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