Sports won’t exist in the future. There, I said it. I take no joy in writing it. And I don’t just mean in my Govicide trilogy, Allow me to explain.

In the books, sports don’t exist because the One World Government (OWG) believes competition is bad. It’s bad because competition causes people to pay attention to each other instead of paying attention to the OWG. If the Masses are caught up trying to outdo each other, then they can’t work as one for the glory of the OWG. So, no sports. In fact, the subjects in my three book know nothing even about sports. They’ve never heard of soccer, baseball, basketball, etc.

What does that have to do with the year 2013? More and more I believe somewhere down the road Government will terminate sports activities. Maybe for different reasons than in my books but the demise of sports is on the way. Look at what has happened to the NFL due to these money-grab concussion lawsuits–lawyers flocking to the cases like lions to a wildebeast herd. Look what Title IX has done to men’s sports in college. Look at how the new thing is not keeping score in Little League and elsewhere. It all serves to turn people away from competition and sports.  

The Hell of it is sports media is complicit to the whole operation. Because ESPN and others are controlled by liberal idiots–I mean how else could Keith Olbermann get rehired?–they’ll serve Government before they serve the sports they cover. Granted, I’m no fan of sports media either–They act like the know-it-alls of the sports world but when scandal pops up that has been going on for years, ESPN, Sky Sports, etc. act like Renault in Casablanca: I am shocked, shocked . . . It’s all so dirty and juvenile.

But the end of sports is coming and Govicide predicted it. 





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