As adults we quickly find out that there is more to freedom than having our God-given rights. We discover the number one factor that breaks up marriages is finances. We realize how tough it is to pursue happiness when our expenses are higher than our income. We pop pills when an unexpected car problem or house issue enter our life. Keeping our money situation healthy makes everything else in our life possible.

And government does everything to get in the way of that.

In my books, the One World Government does this by dishing out credits to the Masses. However, they can’t save them from month to month. If a person doesn’t “spend” them, they’re taken away in preparation for the next dispensing of credits the next month. So, a person can never get ahead.

How does this relate to real life in the 21st century? Within the last couple years what has become a popular idea among liberals? They want to invade our 401k’s and savings. They see that money as theirs and the government’s, not the money of people who’ve worked very hard to save money so they don’t have to work until the day they die. 

The general knee-jerk reaction is to dismiss it. “Oh, that’s crazy.” “That’s nothing but conspiracy talk.” “That’ll never happen.” To which I say: You mean like people said General Motors would never collapse, and the Federal Government would never take it over? Is that what you people mean by “That’ll never happen,”? 

A country cannot be healthy when all its citizens are in debt. Moreover, a government will not be responsible with tax dollars if it knows its citizens aren’t good with the incomes they earn. But we know a tyrannical government has no intention of getting its financial accounts in order. So, it sets out to destroy all of our finances instead.

It’s all predicted in my Govicide series. Thanks for reading.  


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