I think I knew this before I read this article. But, it’s excellent nonetheless:

Risk and Pro-Life

When an author goes about creating a fiction world, he has to contemplate a lot of ideas. How do things relate? How do iron out contradictions? How did the world get to the place it is in the novel?

And, it’s interesting that authors who’ve gone about writing political sci-fi books create a world where people take no risks. In none of the well-known novels–1984, Fahrenheit 451, Atlas Shrugged . . . and my own–you don’t read about people jumping out of jets, surfing, skiing, etc. Everybody just goes about their daily lives–to work and to home, to work and to home, to work and to home.

For example, throughout my three novels my main character, Michael Locke, is told that people used to live differently. There used to be a time where life was more fun. People took chances. They took on life or death circumstances to test themselves.

Furthermore, like his woman states in the article, I also found through my logical progressions of creating the Govicide series that being pro-abortion doesn’t lead to the free-for-all, hedonistic world we think. In fact, it takes us in the opposite direction where people plan every single minutiae. In fact, it’s that pro-life attitude that gives a culture that zest for challenging one’s self. It’s experiencing daring hobbies that show us how rich life can be. And when we taste that, we have a desire to see more of it in the world.

Thus, more babies are born and not aborted. This woman is on to something. And so was I in my Govicide series when I started writing it 3 years ago.

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