The subjects in my Govicide books–Comply, Survive, and Resist–know nothing about religion, since throughout history totalitarian governments have seen religion as their main enemy. And the attack on religion in reality, mainly against Christianity, has been going on in the USA for a long time now. Ten Commandments taken out of courtrooms. Catholic schools forced to provide birth control for their emloyees and students. And most recently, a court determined a photographer couldn’t object to taking pictures at lesbian ceremony despite it being against her religious beliefs.

Now, I’m not here to Bible beat anyone. I’m not a big church-goer even though I do consider myself to be a Christian.

What I know, and I tried to express it in my books, is that as much as atheists talk about the Crusades and how “all wars” are fought over religion, no authoritative group has killed more people on this Earth than atheists. Nazis. Stalin’s Purges. Untold millions murdered in China. North Korea. Not to mention all the people who tried to escape those countries and got killed. And that’s just in the 20th Century.

Radical Muslims, the Crusades, Israel, etc. can’t touch those atheists’ death count. Why? Atheists, when it gets to crunch time, see no value in human life if it doesn’t concern the State. Thus, people will be exterminated if they’re not glorifying the State. My charaters find this out as they trudge through deserted cities and run across block after block of empty homes.

And I don’t believe what I’m writing is necessarily fiction. It can happen here. If it’s already happened in history. It can happen again anywhere.

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