Police Militarization

I’ve done podcasts at www.thedentzeldomain.com about this topic and I included the theme in my Govicide books as well.

Cops With Military Hardware

In my novels, the Govicide Department (you may have wondered where the name for this blog comes from) is the natural progression of law enforcement becoming more and more militant. It’s a combination of the IRS, FBI, ATF, and the Defense Department whose only mission is to protect the One World Government’s interests around the globe.

This kind of attitude is what I see in police departments today. The most famous, and bothersome, of these episodes are the ones where cops have attacked citizens for filming the cops doing their job. The most famous of these was one that happened in Las Vegas, my former home.

I fear that the military hardware police departments are acquiring are being coupled with an attitude that “We as the police can do no wrong.” This is where the problems start. Granted, I realize we are supposed to be respectful and deferential to the police personnel who put their lives on the line every day.

But, when I see them getting this kind of stuff I start to realize that they may see us–the common citizen–as the enemy, just like the Govicide Department does in my novels. Furthermore, it appears to me that the police may be putting the protection of their own lives in front of the rights of others. This is the very reason we don’t allow our military to do police work in the USA–because their job isn’t about protecting rights, it’s about killing the enemy.

I see all this stuff the police are getting from the military and I start to think the police want to get into the “forget about rights, let’s just kill people” business as well.

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