Patients Attacked

Having cancer is tough enough let alone trying to do with this:

Democrats Attack Cancer Patient Testimonials

This illustrates something I’ve said for a long time: Liberals will never stop. And they will vilify anyone who gets in their way, including cancer patients.

Liberals will embrace murderers, pedophiles, rapists, torturers, etc. and attack cancer survivors, do-gooders, heroes, martyrs, etc. if it helps their ideology. This is why conservatives have tried to convince all of those undecided middle-of-the-road people out there that accepting liberalism means accepting death.

What needs to be understood about this particular story is this: These attacks aren’t a side effect of a country trying to go to socialized medical system–this is the result of going to one. It’s unavoidable–just look at the cancer survival rates in other countries. They’re horrible compared to the USA’s. Well, that will change once Obamacare gets on its roll.

In my Govicide novels, I try to illustrate the ultimate end to the attacks mentioned in the Breitbart article. The ultimate end is this: Cancer patients being untreated, forced to die because they’re too expensive to treat. This will happen–it’s inevitable if Obamacare continues. More people with terrible but treatable conditions will die.


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