One Step Closer

I don’t need a survey to know this:

U.S. Press Freedom Suffers Under Obama

This would be a little bit less tragic if the Media wasn’t going along with it. Instead, they’re playing lap dog because they love Obama and everything that he does. Wouldn’t it be nice if they put up at least a little bit of a fight?

The USA is unique in that its media isn’t run by the Government. Among other things, a change in this fact should alert all of us that the Government is truly encroaching on our rights. Meaning, with a survey like this, it shows we’re one step closer to a dictatorship.

Why? Because no dictator ever came to power without controlling the news.

In my Govicide novels, there is no such thing as a “free press.” The One World Government controls the information and how it will be used–all for the Masses’ benefit, of course.

And I’m sure if we could get the truth out of Obama, he would say the media needs to be controlled so the Government can do its business.  

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