No Surprise Here

My only question: What took them so long?

FCC To Police Newrooms

I guess what I mean is this: We know the Federal Government–all Democrats and many Republicans unfortunately–have wanted to control the media for decades, if not longer. Yes, yes, I know the media is liberal but that’s a lot different than saying the Government “controls” it.

In the current instance, we at least have a chance the mainstream media will go off the liberal reservation at least once in a while. If the FCC is policing the newsrooms, the media will NEVER go off the reservation.

This is the same issue I have with public education. The reason I’m against it is because it’s Government Education. Every topic, subject, book, teacher, etc. is controlled by government. What that means is the schools will never seriously teach anything that is anti-Big Government.

Well, the media will become that if the FCC is allowed to have influence on it.

In my Govicide novels, there is no actual “FCC” since the media isn’t private. Everything in the One World Government is public–it’s all Government. So, the people who dish out the news understand that the only news worth communicating are reports favorable to the OWG.

And, as I’ve stated here and elsewhere: The goal of the media is to be the people’s watchdog, not the Government’s lapdog.

If the FCC takes over, the dog will jump into the Government’s lap . . . more than it already has.

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