No More Racism

I don’t know if I even mentioned this theme in my books yet. But this story reminded me:

Obama’s brother “too white”

In my Govicide novels, the One World Government (OWG) solves the racism issue of the world pretty quickly. It mandates no one is allowed to procreate with a person of the same race. In a couple generations every subject of the Earth would be a mixture of various races. Thus, no racism.

See how easily a world problem can be fixed with a little Government force.

Now, how many people would go along with that? White people can’t have sex with white people. Blacks can’t have babies with other blacks. Asians, etc., etc., etc.

Probably not too many even though most people will admit racism is a problem and the law might just work. People believe they should be able to have sex with whoever they want. I agree.

But how is this any different than Government getting involved in healthcare? Or business? Or private property?

On one hand people admit racism is one of the biggest problems of the World but they don’t want a Government fix that theoretically could work. But on these other topics which seem like less of a problem, they want Government jumping in with both feet even though Government has proven it can’t manage anything.

I’m confused. I don’t think Government should be involved in any of it but I know I’m in the minority. That’s okay. I’ll keep fighting.

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