I absolutely loved this article:

Tea Partiers Smarter Than People Think They Are

Knowing stuff–to put it as simple and blunt as possible–is underrated. Knowing how the world works. Knowing what has happened before you were here on this planet. And more so, knowing what will happen if certain actions are taken.

So, knowledge is more than facts and figures. It means being intuitive and understanding how your current circumstances are similar to what someone has experienced before you. Although there may be new technology popping up all the time, how the world works is still the same as 2000 years ago.

This is a main theme of all three of my books. A person can never know enough about anything. In fact, my main characters use what they learn throughout the book to outwit those who don’t know how the world worked before the One World Government came to power.

If the Earth is truly going to dive into chaos some day, the only thing that will save anybody is knowledge. And those who are ignorant will perish. It’s the way of the world and not amount of government control or technology can change that.

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