It’s Not Working

Only a Democrat could say “not working” is good:

Obamacare Incentivizes People Not To Work

This should show conservatives what we are up against when it comes to winning the argument on productivity and keeping the USA as the #1 economy in the history of mankind. It’s amazing how much liberals love to brag about how some government program is going to keep people out of the workforce. In addition, they’ve made the argument that Obamacare will keep people from being “locked into” a job they don’t like. Yeah, like that’s why we pay taxes: So disgruntled, disillusioned people can have work mobility.

The problem with all of this is the following point: For the world to work, at some point somebody has to get out of bed and do something. Everybody can’t just stay home and wait for Obamacare to take care of them. Somebody has to run Obamacare. Somebody has to be a doctor. A nurse. Somebody has to make the medicine. The equipment. The x-rays.

And this is the flaw in every Government program that incentivizes people not to work. What if EVERYONE chooses not to work? Then what?

Then, they’re forced to work. And that’s what happens in my Govicide novels. People are forced into jobs by Government with only one test to determine their qualifications. It isn’t until later that my main characters figure out the tests are somewhat of a scam.

The Government will force people to work it previously allowed to get out of working because even it at some point realizes the only way anything happens in an economy is through people doing things–creating, building, thinking, writing, servicing, etc. And, as we know, when Government wants something, it wants it . . . now! So, don’t think in this kind of situation that it will force people to go back to work AND allow them to choose what they want to do. No, it will place people in positions and force them to stay there.

This is the true evil of Obamacare and every other program like it. They have to be stopped.

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