Is This It?

Yes, I can find a philosophical theme in a story Hanoi Jane:

Jane Fonda Worries About Her Mortality

I don’t know how religious she is. I’m going to guess she is one of those “Spiritual Not Religious” types . . . at best. More likely, she’s a closet atheist who pretends to be spiritual and only likes ghosts if they’re in the movies.

But for the record: I don’t know.

However, when I hear people worrying about their life and how many years they have left, my knee jerk reaction is they’re atheist liberals. Why? I’ll tell you.

The reason liberals try to control us, and socially engineer us, and rule our lives is because most of them don’t believe in the afterlife. THIS is the afterlife. When they die, they think that’s it. So, they must make a difference here by any means necessary. The Earth is as good as it gets for them.

Whereas, we conservatives–most of whom believe in the afterlife–see this planet as simply a stepping stone. Because of that, I don’t think we worrying about dying as much. And I think that’s a plus. However, it’s also a minus in that we aren’t as cutthroat as liberals can be about turning the World around.

In my Govicide novels, my main characters find out the Earth possibly isn’t the final destination for mankind. And it causes them to re-think how they look at what they’re doing here and what the One World Government has done to The Masses.

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