It doesn’t look like we’re making our intended impression on Radical Islam:

Comedians Fear Islam

You know when Monty Python is afraid to make of fun of something that things are serious. Unfortunately, they try to lump Christianity in with all the Islamic Kooks. Truth: The next time a Christian kills a comedian due to an anti-Jesus joke will be the first time. 

This story goes to show, though, that just because we have free speech rights protected by the Government doesn’t mean people still feel comfortable speaking their beliefs–in joke form or not. Governments must have the courage to go after those in the private sector–religion or not–who try to stop people from voicing their opinions. And this is where we begin to understand that free speech is not just about talking about Government but it’s also about not allowing others to intimidate you into silence. 

Let’s face it: Radical Islam is in the business of intimidation. It is the bully of the World.

What this story also shows is people can be force into silence without there ever being a law on the books trying to control speech. People will keep their mouths shut just from experience and seeing what has happened to people that spoke out before them–and didn’t live much past that.

In my Govicide novels, this is how the One World Government does things. There’s no law on the books saying people can say anything they want. Instead, if someone speaks out against the OWG, the person disappears. That’s all people need to know. Yes, the OWG is completely atheistic but it shares a lot of qualities with Radical Islam.

This is the exact reason we all should be armed. This is the reason we can’t allow sharia law in the USA. This is the reason we must have Government leaders who aren’t afraid of these Radical Islamists who are nothing but bullies who should be punched in the mouth. 

We cannot allow ourselves to be intimidated. 

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