Internet For Everyone

Is this news as good as we think?


I can’t argue that people in North Korea, for example, getting un-censored Internet service is intriguing to me. Who knows what those Masses might do to Kim Jung Un with the proper information? And I am sure this will be as far as the thought goes with most people.

However, given recent developments–Edward Snowden and the NSA, for one–we know having Internet access only brings you closer to government and its prying eyes. So, it could be North Koreans getting WiFi could make it easier for its dictatorial government to follow them easier.

This is what happens in my Govicide novels. Every person on the Earth has the Internet. And the One World Government uses this as a way to keep tabs on its subjects. Wherever they go on the Internet, the OWG knows, with Govicide Agents showing up if anything looks suspicious.

In the end, maybe it’s better to just be unplugged from the Internet.

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