Government Promises

This is, in a microcosm, why relying on Government is a bad idea:

Broken Government Promises

Where is one to go when Government breaks a promise? I guess it’s no big deal when, say, you find out you’re going to have to pay $100 more in taxes than you thought you were. Or, some politician makes a “campaign promise” that you highly suspect he is never going to be able to keep.

But, what happens when that promise involves thousands of dollars? And, on top of that, it involves your health?

Let’s go further with this. What if the Government has fulfilled its promises of housing, food, transportation, healthcare, and employment for a long time–decades–and then suddenly it ceases to provide any of it. What then? Who will you complain to? Where is there to turn?

Many people–long gone by the time my Govicide novels start–found out what happened when the OWG awoke one day and decided to stop providing its citizens with anything. The people died. Sure, many of them were executed by the OWG. The rest died because they’d been cared for by the OWG for so long that they forgot how to provide for themselves.

This is what is happening now in the USA. Too many people banking on Government promises. And the Government will keep them until it decides it’s inconvenient or too much bother to do so. Hey, promises were made to be broken, right?

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