Forced Work

This is very bad news:

More Welfare Recipients Than Full-Time Workers

But in my Govicide series, I have even worse news. It’s gonna get real ugly when these people who are sitting on their couches are forced to go back to work.

You see, it takes a certain amount of people working for a country to function. However, as more and more people discover they don’t have to work to get stuff, more people will go on the public dole.

Well, that works for a while. But, at some point, there will be a tipping point where no one will be allowed to quit their jobs because the country won’t function otherwise. In addition, all these people sitting at home will be told they need to go back to work.

Do you think they’ll go willingly?

I doubt it.

My belief is that this welfare state will lead us all to slavery through this sequence of events. The cycle needs to be broken. We need to end entitlements of all kinds now.

Or, we’ll create the world I’ve created in my Govicide series of books.

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