I saw this article and thought I should explain why drugs aren’t mentioned in my sci-fi series:

More People Supporting Marijuana Legalization 

If you listen to my podcasts at The Dentzel Domain, you know I’m against illicit drug legalization, including weed. My opinion is based on the idea that you can’t have a civilized country when a large group of people, even if it’s a minority, are intent on making their minds less effective every day.

However, in my Govicide books, my main characters don’t know about drugs because the One World Government has made them illegal. But, it has made them illegal for very different reasons than why I would make/keep them illegal.

And I think the motivation matters despite the outcome being the same.

The OWG wants drugs illegal because it understands people can’t be loyal to the Government when an addiction clouds their minds. The OWG wants loyalty to one thing: the OWG. Whereas, addicts can only be loyal to one thing: Their addiction. A man cannot have two masters. Subjects can’t be productive if their minds are clouded. They can’t work for the OWG if they can’t follow orders from high above.

Whereas, my aversion to legalizing drugs comes from understanding that addicts can’t respect rights. They steal, they lie, they violate, they kill, they ruin. For example, which would you rather have living next door to you: a man who makes his own wine, or a man who makes his crystal meth? A man who makes his own beer, or a man who grows his own marijuana? A man who makes his own cigars, or a man who cuts his own cocaine?

We all know the correct answers to those questions. So, just because I am for continued drug enforcement doesn’t mean I’m for a crazy, controlling Government like the OWG.

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