Doing For Yourself

Sometimes there are no words:

Can’t Wash Car in Driveway

This is no different than the shutting down of children’s lemonade stands. Wasn’t there also a girl who was selling mistletoe to finance her education? . . . something like that. This also reminds me of the stories out there of HOA’s dictating what residences can  and can’t do down to the square inch–the HOA’s end up looking like non-executing versions of Kim Jong Un.

Of course, in my Govicide novels, no one owns an automobile. But the concept is kind of the same: Subjects of the Masses are not allowed to do for themselves.

Because that’s the only logical conclusion you can come to in the above story: If you can’t wash your own car in your own driveway, I guess it means the owner must take his car to get it done.

Governments all over the World are trying to squash the self-sufficiency that is part of human nature. If it succeeds, we all become slaves.

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