Crime and Punishment

In my Govicide series, murderers get very short sentences–with the maximum allowable being five years. Why so short? Maybe it would be better to explain first why they are put in jail at all. The only reason the One World Government (OWG) in my books puts murderers in jail is to keep the victim’s family happy. There is no sense of “rights” in their world so murder isn’t something that is considered to be wrong. The only reason murderers are taken off the streets is to keep the complaining of the family to a minimum. Then, somewhere down the road when the heartache begins to subside, the killers are released–keeping people in jail costs money, don’t you know?

I see this same kind of thing going on in the year 2013. My first thought goes to California, which over the last few years has let many inmates out before they were due for release. Sure, some of them are non-violent drugs offenders (and that’s a discussion for another blog) but many of them have criminal records that involve theft and assaults. Why is this done? Because the state can’t afford to keep these people in jail. It’s broke. It can’t afford to build any more prisons. It can’t afford to hire more prison guards. But, somehow it finds the money to subsidize environmental boondoggles among other crazy schemes. 

Sounds like an OWG in 2013 to me.

There’s another reason, though, in my books murder isn’t considered to be that bad of a crime. When the Government is in charge of giving everything to everyone as it is in my books, that’s a lot easier to do when there are less people. By murderers getting rid of the Masses, more Goods and Services are available for everyone else. Eventually, people start thinking murder is a good thing for the health of a civilization. Thus, it doesn’t make much sense to throw people in jail who are making society better.

I’m afraid this will happen somewhere down the road as more and more stuff comes from Government and not the private sector. Government loves control and giving stuff to people but only as long as it’s convenient for it. Once it becomes a burden, Government will do everything it can to rid itself of customers. And legalized murder is one of those ways. I mean, why do you think Death Panels are a part of Obamacare?


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