On many occasions I’ve compared my Govicide series books to Fahrenheit 451. Of course, that story is about how reading is banned and books are burned by government. I incorporate that idea into my story as well. But, I take it one step further.

In mine, the One World Government only burns books that oppose its agenda. Frankly, this is much more close to what I believe will happen in real life. Government will never rid itself of anything that furthers its agenda. Any book praising collectivism will be distributed to every subject of the Masses. Any book praising individualism will be turned to ashes.

We can kind of already see this in USA schools. Although there’s not any burning going on, only certain books are determined to be appropriate. Socialism good, capitalism bad. Control good, freedom bad. Thus, these government schools are never going to rid themselves of books that further their agenda. Those books make their job easy. In the end, they’ll burn the books that are contrary to their liberal doctrine.

Unfortunately, with the advent of ebooks, this probably makes the government’s job easier. It takes much less time to delete some 1′ and 0’s than start a fire. Also, one can be done with no one noticing. At least when you burn something, there’s smoke.

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