Big Government Side Effects

I absolutely believe this is happening:

People Getting Nastier

We must understand big government affects us more than just having higher taxes, more regulation, and less freedom. Those are the direct results of laws passed.

However, it’s trying to follow those laws and feeling them encroaching on our lives that can tear us apart as well. I absolutely believe that the reason we have a harsher culture today is due to big government. It does something to us mentally.

Yes, it’s true that murders, rapes, and violent crime are down since the 1970’s. But, drug use, suicide rates, mental illness, addictions, etc. are up. It’s hard to make sense of those facts, isn’t it? You’d think they would be linked parallel-ly, not inversely.

But, these facts in the USA aren’t new. In fact, you can find this pattern in every country where government has become more dictatorial and less liberty-loving. Take the USSR, for example. Hardly any murder, theft, rape, etc. But, suicide rates and mental illness through the roof.

I capture this phenomena in my Govicide books. The One World Government has created a world where murder and violent crime is rare but every citizen is trying to find a way to die, it seems.

When are we going to understand that big government does something to us that is hard to explain? It’s not just about taxes and regulation. It’s about our mental health.

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