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This continues a popular theme on this blog:

Sebelius Blames GOP Governors

So, I’ll keep it short.

Liberals are never, ever, ever, never, ever, never, ever, never, never, ever gonna admit that their policies don’t work. They’ll never own up. They’ll never come clean. They’ll never face the music. Or whatever cliche you wanna use . . .

When their ideas fail it will always be somebody’s else fault . . . even if there could be a day when they have no opposition. Kind of like North Korea. Kim Jung Un and his predecessors always find someone to blame, even if it’s a person who completely supported the government’s actions in the first place.

Why? Because surely communism can’t be wrong.

In my Govicide novels, no matter how many people die under the One World Government it never admits that its policies are wrong. Instead, it’s the fabled Free Enterprisers, or Offenders. Or, even more to the point, the OWG doesn’t mind some people dying due to its policies.

This is exactly why liberalism must be defeated. It will never admit it’s wrong so it always has the potential of destroying all of us.  

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