All Government, All The Time

The #1, numero uno, best way to tell if your Government has gotten too big?

Obamacare Discussion During Christmas

The best way to know is if the Government won’t let you do anything without it being involved. In fact, you don’t need to know how many people work in Government, you don’t need to know its budget, you don’t need to know if it’s in debt, etc. All you need to know is how much it tries to wedge itself into your life.

Look at the repressive regimes of history: Soviet Union, the Nazis, Italy, Japan, current China, North Korea. They’ve existed at different times. Different cultures, Different languages. Different population sizes. Different size budgets.

But, the point joining all of them is a citizen couldn’t/can’t do anything without the Government being a part of it. 

In the Soviet Union, if you traveled within the country, you needed “your papers.” The Nazis wanted neighbors to spy on each other. In China, if you want to surf the Internet, the Government knows about it. In North Korea, well . . . I think we all know.

Now, here in the USA, the Obama Administration wants to be a part of your Christmas celebration. It’s not enough for families to get together and enjoy each other’s company. Nope, the Administration wants Obamacare to be a topic of conversation. Whatever happened to that saying, “Never discuss religion or politics?”

In my Govicide novels, the One World Government handles the Masses’ affairs the same way. Subjects can’t turn in any direction without knowing the Government is there–following them, tracking them, dominating a person’s mind on a daily basis. In all cases, both factual and fictional, the Government does this because it doesn’t want its citizens to realize they can survive on their own. The regime must be respected. It must worshipped. It must be seen as the giver of all that is good.

So parents, while you’re telling your 20-something year old about the importance of Obamacare, remember you’re taking our society one step closer to the brink. 

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