A Touch Too Much

Perfect reason why I identify as “conservative” first and “Republican” about fifth:

The McDonnell’s Corruption

This is the kind of stuff that drives every citizen nuts, no matter conservative or liberal.

The point I’d like to make about this, though, is I’m sure if you would’ve told the McDonnell’s 10 years ago that they’d be wrapped up in this they would’ve denied it. But, as we are discovering more and more, Big Government–at the State or Federal level–changes people. There’s so much money. There’s so much power. It’s the exact reason all Government must be shrunk.

There’s just something about touching power that wilts most people, turning them into power grabbers and extorters.

In my Govicide novels, my main character, Michael Locke, discovers this. He becomes a Govicide Agent and immediately feels the power of the One World Government flowing through him. It’s only with the help of Hamilton–a Free Enterpriser–that Michael resists these feelings and stays on the correct path of finding out the OWG is a huge lie. But, it’s not easy for him.

Here in 2014, I’m not sure what we can do about people lusting for power. It’s probably part of our human nature. The only action we can take is keep Government as small as possible.

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