A Sure Sign Of Dictatorship

This is probably one of the most bizarre but predictable things that’s happened at the Federal Government level recently:

Sebelius: It Never Crashed

I didn’t realize how relevant this was to my book series until hours after it happened.

In my Govicide novels, the One World Government continues to tell all of its subjects that everything is fine as buildings, roads, bridges, vehicles, and their own lives crumble. This is primarily a theme in the first book, Comply, as my main character, Michael Locke, discovers things aren’t as they seem.

What I discovered while preparing to write that book is that denial of the obvious is a trait of dictatorships. The Romans did it. The Nazis did it. The Soviet Union did it. China and North Korea do it. I even remember Iraq having a spokesman during the 2003 invasion that denied American troops were winning the battles in that country. Remember that?

It’s kind of like the guy who gets caught in bed with his wife’s best friend: Who are you gonna believe? Me or your lying eyes?

Well, the Federal Government wants us to believe it, not what we see around us. Not what we see on the Internet. Not what we hear on the radio. Not what we read on blogs such as this one. It doesn’t just want control; it needs control. Because that’s the only way it can get people to go along with all these crazy schemes.

Once again, a major theme of my books playing itself out in the year 2013.

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