But We’re The Kooks

A little different format tonight. I found this discussion fascinating:

Global Warming Discussion On A Lawyer Blog

Truthfully, the discussion back and forth between AGW supporters and deniers was pretty tame. We all know it can get WAY worse than what was written on this thread. Probably helps that technically the site isn’t a political one.

But, the thread certainly does show us who the enemy is.

I wish I would’ve happened upon this discussion while it was on-going–you’ll notice that it took place back in February. Because I believe the people arguing the conservative/denier side of the argument missed a couple points. And I want to make them here.

1. Nowhere in the entire thread does anyone mention that 40 years ago climate scientists swore up and down and sideways that the Earth was entering an Ice Age. I’m 43 years old and I can remember as a little kid believing that. Anyone older than I am would surely remember that, too. So, I wanna know: Why should we believe scientists now when they were wrong then?

2. When I think of Global Warming I think of Al Gore. Why is it he has turned down EVERY chance to debate deniers? Sure, if it’s just some person of the street, I understand. But how about people with in the scientific community who believe global warming models have flaws? When someone claims they believe something but then never choose to defend that something head-on, I get suspicious.

3. In the thread, much was made of the fact that the “metadata” is available. It was hard for me as a layperson to determine whether it is or isn’t. What was clearer to me was that when Michael Mann was given the chance to present his facts in court, he balked. Of course, supporters say that’s no big deal since the data is there for everyone to read, irrelevant to whether he felt comfortable presenting the facts in Court or not. The deniers claim simply that the data isn’t widely available. I have a totally different take on this in contrast to either side: It could be that the data is available but maybe the reason Michael Mann has a hesitancy to present it in Court is because it isn’t true since he’d be under oath. I thought out of this early in the thread and I was surprised nobody brought it up since after all it is a legal blog. It’s no different than Roger Clemens–claiming you never took steroids out in public is very much different than claiming you didn’t take them under oath. One is just simply talk and doesn’t mean anything. The other could have wide-ranging implications. He can publish that hockey stick study anywhere–it’s not against the law, right? But he can’t speak truthfully about the model in court if he in fact falsified data why putting it together. Hmmmmm . . . .

4. This thread also shows what happens what politics and government get involved in scientific study. One more reason why tax dollars shouldn’t go toward scientific pursuits. When this happens, nobody is sure what anybody’s motivations are for taking any position, since we know that getting grants for anything quickly causes the receiver to be enamored of government.

To finish I will paraphrase a podcast I did a long time ago:

Al Gore claims people cause global warming but he burns more fossil fuels than anybody on Earth except Barack Obama. But, conservatives are the kooks . . .

Emails are discovering circulating between global scientists and it looks like they’ve manipulated data to make it look like global warming is more prevalent than it really is. But conservative deniers are the kooks . . .

The same people who claim global warming are the same people who 40 years ago claimed the Earth is getting colder. But deniers are the kooks . . .

Global warming believers on the whole believe it is the #1 threat to mankind while Iran and the Norks are getting nuclear weapons, while China is trying to expand its presence in SE Asia, while Russia gets ready to invade Ukraine, while terrorism continues worldwide, while Obamacare ruins healthcare in the USA, etc., etc., etc. But global warming deniers are the kooks . . .

I think you get my point.

Hotter Than Hell

Well, this is interesting. One of the Koch brothers in Wall Street Journal:

Charles Koch’s Editorial In the WSJ

I love what he says in this article. As a conservative we should never get enough of someone telling it like it is. Especially if it’s someone who’s accomplished things in their life. And it’s not a politician. Or a political pundit. Or somebody who gets paid to be “conservative” who really isn’t.

The only point I would add to this is people don’t naturally know what “Hell” is. Likewise, they may not know what “Heaven” is either. So, when he says Governments promise Heaven but only deliver Hell, I’m not sure a lot of people can tell the difference since their experiences are limited. Even for us true conservatives who are loyal to the philosophy, it’s hard for us to totally describe what a conservative civilization looks like.

Furthermore, when people can go on vacations. And go to the movies. And have children. And soak up the sun. And go fishing. It’s difficult to tell them that all of it can’t continue if the USA, for example, stays on this path. It’s difficult telling them we are on a path to Hell. Not in a religious sense, of course. But we are on the path to creating Hell on Earth.

Because that’s what socialism is.

The worst? At least if end up in Hell–the religious kind (if you believe in that type of thing), you’ve earned it. But Hell on Earth, it will be experienced by future generations who had nothing to do with its creation.

In my Govicide novels, I create my own version of Hell on Earth. As I said above, the Masses don’t realize it’s a terrible place–they don’t know anything else. They think the One World Government is as good as it gets. It takes other people–I leave the description open for now–to show them there’s another way to live.

Make no doubt, Charles Koch is correct. We seem Hell-bent on creating Hell on Earth. The difference between this and my novel: The people in my book don’t know any better. We in real-life do.

Black Hole

I can be included among millions of conservatives who saw this coming:

Sir Richard Branson’s New Mexico Boondoggle

I ask you: Did anyone–liberals included–really believe people would be going to space as tourists in the year 2014? I mean, really? I said it at the same time when this project started: If Branson really believed that would happen, he would’ve financed the project all by himself . . . and he would’ve put it closer to London. If they can get rockets into space taking off from Russia, they can get them into space from England . . . yes yes, I know, the closer to the equator the easier it is.

But hey, if Branson wants to blow his money on buildings, who am I to argue? It’s the taxpayer-funded part of this that’s bothersome and something that never would’ve happened if the current NM governor was in office at the time, and not Bill Richardson. Because the money is going, figuratively, into a black hole–you know, since we’re talking about going to space.

The people of this depressed community are basically forced into taking care of these buildings that may never be used. When what do we all know: All buildings are easier to care for when they’re lived in–just like a car is more easily maintained if it’s driven every day for 20 years instead of sitting, un-started for 20 years. Even if this project actually happens somewhere down the road, a bunch of money will again be needed to get it back into shape again.

You have to feel sorry for places like this. High hopes. Big promises. Large dreams. All created by some rich guy with lofty aspirations. He makes a speech. The town buys in. The money is allocated. And nothing happens. I want to know: When was the last time Branson was even in the state of New Mexico?

In my Govicide novels, the little people also have high hopes created by the powerful people of the World. Some day, they’re told, all their dreams will be answered if they put up with what the leaders want. Doesn’t matter that the leaders themselves are already living the good life, at the expense of the Masses. The Exalted Ruler and Govicide Director ensure all the subjects that they must sacrifice for the future when everyone will live well. When, in reality, the entire One World Government is taking Earth into a black hole.

If we all followed Richard Branson’s boondoggles, we’d all be like Truth Or Consequences, NM.

You’ll Have To Do Better

I totally agree with my girl, Sarah Palin:

Paul Ryan Budget Is A Joke

Five trillion dollars sounds like a lot of money unless the Federal Budget is the topic.

Paul Ryan is a leader among a group of otherwise good conservatives who don’t seem to understand a few things. First, their budget ideas are out of step with “common people” conservatives, Tea Partiers, and libertarians. His 2012 one was way off as well–you’d think he would’ve learned that that mistake.

Second, these mistakes and futile attempts damage the conservative brand because they aren’t “conservative” at all, even though they are branded that way. New people to the political process will never join our side if they see us as no better than the liberals–a group who is absolutely not interested in budget sanity.

Third, Paul Ryan and his kind of conservatives are underestimating the lengths we need to go to defeat socialism not only in the USA, but in the World. They’re trying baby steps while socialism isn’t afraid to huge steps–Obamacare being an excellent example. Baby steps toward a solution only works if the other side if standing still. But what’s true: Liberalism is always on the march.

In my Govicide novels, actually before they begin, conservatives made similar mistakes. They fail to see how far behind they are. They try to be reasonable with an ideology that is perfectly unreasonable. And, the day when the OWG starts, most of them are caught off-guard and die because of it.

We conservatives of the early 21st century can’t make that same mistake. Because, trust me: Liberals want us dead.

Not For Me

Some day the Government will figure out this doesn’t work:

John Legend and Obamacare

This is the problem with all Government advertising for any Government program. It either goes one of two ways. Either,

1. They get a famous person to shill for a program. A person who will never use the program, so really the person has no idea what he or she is talking about. Moreover, they’ll probably do anything in their power to avoid it.


2. They get a no-name to do a commercial for a Government program. But, the person is an actor, getting paid to say whatever is on the teleprompter, much like Obama does come to think of it.

The Government never gets a real average citizen to do the advertising. Why? Because as soon as the public would see the people who are actually happy to sign up for Obamacare, it would damage the program even more. We’d find out the person is probably a Democrat operative. Or Kathleen Sibelius’ cousin. Or somebody who grew up in Kenya with Obama (joke, people . . . relax).

Furthermore, for every person the Government could produce, the Tea Party would find one or more who hates it.

So, the Government is left with the above two options. The famous who will never use it and people who only speak well of it if they get paid. And the truth about either is that neither probably has to worry about bad healthcare at all. Famous people can find a doctor any time they want. And actors who do national commercials get paid pretty well, too.

Understand this: No rich citizen ever has to worry about a Government entitlement program failing. Only rich politicians have to worry about that.

In my Govicide novels, the One World Government forces people to enroll in programs that the rich and powerful never have to experience. The Exalted Ruler or the Govicide Chief will talk endlessly about how great every OWG program is without ever once having experienced any of them.

Whether fiction or reality, it’s all the same. The Government trying to trick us into enrolling in something its members and supporters would never come close to.