Ownership Extinction

This is like 2012 in Idaho all over again:

EPA Fines Wyoming Family

Do you remember that case that went to the Supreme Court? It was very similar to this one. It looks like the EPA hasn’t learned its lesson. Of course we shouldn’t be surprised: The Government never lets Court Case losses get in the way of its agenda.

What this is all leading to is nobody is going to want to own anything at all. Houses. Cars. Boats. Computers. Tv’s. Etc. It seems everything liberals do is an  effort to keep you from having anything.

Instead, they want you to take the bus or subway. They want to make Government housing available to everyone. They want to keep lakes clean so they outlaw personal watercraft. You don’t need a computer–you can use the one at the library. Cash? They want control of your IRA and 401k as well.

Everything in this world is moving toward non-ownership. And that is the march toward Communism.

In my Govicide novels, the One World Government owns everything. The reason? It wants to control everything. That’s a lot easier than allowing people to own things and then fine them for non-compliance. When the Federal Government figures that out, we are toast.

Walls Come Tumblin’ Down

Isn’t this the kind of stuff that drives you nuts?

Vacant Federal Buildings Crumbling, Can’t Be Sold

If it wasn’t tragic, it would be funny: The Federal Government, which wants to sell its buildings, can’t do it because of its own regulations. You know, it’s bad enough all the paperwork that has to be signed when private people transfer a property. But, when that paperwork is even too much for the Feds, you’d think they’d do something about cutting that paperwork down.

On top of that, they can’t even take care of them while these buildings are sitting there eating up Federal dollars. What a debacle! In a world where people are always looking for more land, we have a Government that has allowed its own possessions to deteriorate and it can’t get rid of them.

But hey, at least the Government’s buildings in DC are doing fine, right? I don’t see the Capitol or the White House falling apart. I’m sure the office building where the EPA or OSHA or the ATF or NLRB is looking nice and neat.

In my Govicide novels, it’s much the same. The One World Government owns all the buildings in the World. And it has allowed them to crumble, except the ones where all its bureaucrats and  rulers live–in The District where D.C. used to be (in the novels, anyway). It gets away with it because the Masses believe that without the OWG, everyone would die. So, the subjects allow the OWG to get away with this lack of attention to the infrastructure.

Can’t you see we’re headed down that road as well?

Nothing To See Here

The only thing I have in common with this guy is his first name:

Ed Schultz Says There’s Nothing Wrong With Obamacare

I wonder if he is the type of guy who hears strange sounds coming from underneath the hood of his car but never takes it to the garage. Because that’s kind of what he’s saying: There’s nothing wrong, keep driving Obamacare.

This has become a common theme throughout this blog, my other writings, and my podcast: Liberals are never going to admit that Big Government has made any mistakes. Instead, their solution is always that Big Government is perfect and we need more of it . . . immediately.

And really, if that’s their belief system, we must ideologically fight them. But liberals in doing so deny how much Big Government has crushed people’s lives. Instead, they just keep moving forward–more taxes, more regulation, more control, more lying, and expect us to ignore what we see around us. In essence saying: Nothing to see here . . . move along, move along. Making huge promises to people then never delivering.

In my Govicide novels, the One World Government is the same way. It ignores the problems it has caused and expects the Masses to ignore the problems as well. Most importantly: It never admits any wrongdoing. It is always control and will never admit any errors. Because to admit errors is to admit it is fallible. And if it is fallible, the Masses might lose confidence in it–the OWG can never let that happen, it enjoys the power too much.

As do liberals in the 21st century . . .

I Disappear

It’s not every day that I link to an article at the New Straits Times:

Malaysian Airlines Fight 370

Before I get into this, I want to say I can’t imagine what the families of the passengers and crew are going through right now. It’s not right. It’s not fair. And it reminds us that life can be very cruel. Even so, I hope this situation resolves in a way that all those people can continue with their lives and not continue to wonder what happened on that plane. Meaning: I hope this disappearance is solved. And quick.

For the record, though: I doubt it will be happy ending.

We must realize something about this disappearance and all of the others we know about, whether it be solitary people or groups as in the case of this flight:  Being able to disappear is still proof that government doesn’t have 100 percent control of us. Things can still happen without its knowledge. And that can be a good point as Governments around the World continue their march toward socialism.

However, since we have an income tax. And Social Security. And Medicare. And Medicaid. And now Obamacare. It makes it more difficult by the day for people to “check out” and evade the Government’s eye. Remember: There was a time in USA history when people could vanish into the West, set up their own little house, become self-sufficient, and the Government wouldn’t even know they’re there.

That is not possible anymore. And I don’t believe this is the way the Founding Fathers imagined it.

In my Govicide books, and not to give too much away, the topic of “disappearing” is a major one. I make the point that self-sufficiency is the only way people will be able to escape what the evil people of the World have planned for us. In addition, I make the point that self-sufficient people must be able to realize when the battle for freedom is lost and it’s time to “disappear.” Because waiting just a day or two too long, they may get scooped up by jack-booted thugs and taken away.

Disappearing–in our daily lives it’s a tragedy. But in a way we are fortunate it can still happen–even if it means most of the time a crime has been committed.

(You can thank Metallica for today’s blog title.)

Disney’s Tracking You

Well, why you’re in their parks anyway:

Bracelets Help Disney Track Park Guests

Don’t get me wrong: I love Disney. As I often joke, I’m probably the only heterosexual, single man who has a year-round pass there–I’m a creative guy so any kind of artistry merged with capitalism fascinates me. Of course, since I’m a Florida resident I get a big discount.

In any case, I understand why Disney is doing it.

But I worry about people getting used to this kind of surveillance, then the Government using it for its own devices. In other words, citizens get so used to this kind of “private tracking” that they don’t put up much of a fight when the real “public tracking” starts. My attitude on all of this is we are probably tracked too much. But, as long as we never get used to it, we’ll probably be fine.

In my Govicide novels, I describe how the One World Government eventually co-opts technology from private companies to track people every where. They create a computer program called The System (yeah, I know, very creative) to track every person and thing on the Earth. It’s like a combination of Google, Amazon, Ebay, Facebook, etc. And now I guess I should’ve included Disney.

The Left Coast

We dislike Hollywood but we shouldn’t dislike this:

California Losing Film Production

It’s one of those confounding puzzles of politics and business: How can a business full of full-blown liberals not convince a government full of full-blown liberals that things need to change if an industry is to stay where it is? I don’t have the answer to that question. I’m sure somebody does. But, I don’t.

I, for the record, am not in favor of tax breaks and rebates to Hollywood productions. I like States competing for business but when it gets to the point of fooling with taxpayers’ money, I’m not a fan at all.

Hollywood should keep in mind, though, that eventually big domineering Government will eventually soak up all of its prestige and wealth up as well. Doesn’t matter who these liberals give their political money to or what kind of entertainment they choose to make. In the end, Communist government takes everything.

In my Govicide novels–specifically Resist, the last one, my main characters gets to see that. Those fancy areas if BelAir, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, etc.–they’re all empty. The inhabitants removed. Why? Because the One World Government couldn’t have people with vast wealth living their lives better than anyone else, especially the leaders of the OWG.

And Hollywood should remember: Unless it changes its ways, this will all happen eventually. The mansions, Ferrari’s, yachts, mistresses, etc–it will all disappear.

Monopolized Education

This guy is gonna be disastrous for NYC in so many ways:

DeBlasio Halts Charter Schools Expansion

I’ve been to NYC exactly once. It was fine. Truthfully, I wasn’t really that impressed. Not my style. But for those of you who love it–whether you live there or love going there–it’s going to suck very soon.

This assault he is leading against charter schools will only further the degradation.

Liberals hate monopolies unless they occur in education. They realize the only way to further their agenda is to control what people learn and what people know. Because liberalism breaks down as soon as people start examining other possibilities.

This is the reason liberals desire to control the news, the tv, the radio, the Internet, and everything else. Their philosophy can’t win on its merits because the ideology has never helped anyone anywhere. Its only guarantee is death.

But liberals in positions of power don’t want the average citizen to realize that. So they have to control where we get our information.

And I haven’t even mentioned anything about how charter schools provide opportunities to poor people whose local public schools stink.

In my Govicide novels, it’s very much the same: There’s only one place the Masses can get their knowledge. In fact, they’re supposed to deny what they see with their own eyes–decrepit streets, falling buildings, lack of transportation, etc.–and instead believe that everything is fine in the One World Government because that’s what the OWG tells them.

People need choice when it comes to their education–it keeps liberalism from gaining a hold. 

The Last Bastion

If nobody’s noticed, the USA is not the country with firmest backbone anymore:

Israel Will Not Compromise

Barack Obama may be over six feet tall but he looks like a midget compared to some of the other leaders, especially Netanyahu. And it’s difficult for the USA to stand tall when its President cannot. Thus, a foreign policy that allows Iran to develop a nuclear weapon and Russia to invade Ukraine.

Israel, on the other hand, has been very consistent since its creation. It deals with enemies forcefully. If it can, it nips problems in the bud–like it eventually will do with Iran, and if a problem pops up unexpectedly–like the Wars of the late 60’s and early 70’s, it completes the mission no matter how difficult the task.

The interesting part of all this is in my Govicide novels, the Middle East is last the section of the World to fall under the control of the One World Government. I wrote it that way because I saw a few years ago that the USA in its current form would give in to World opinions, while Israel would not. Yes, in the end in my books, Israel/Middle East loses. But it puts up the only fight as the OWG spreads.

If the USA were as tough as Israel, the World would be a better place.

What’s Inside You

The defense of abortion is getting more and more bizarre:

Planned Parenthood: “Not Relevant When Life Begins”

I have a couple things to say about this.

First, this statement shows, once again, how liberals will squirm, cheat, lie, and steal so they aren’t painted into a corner regarding abortion. It’s always: Well, if abortion isn’t moral here, it’s moral there. And if it’s not moral there, it’s moral here. And if it’s truly immoral everywhere, then we really don’t care anyway.

When it comes to abortion liberals are as consistent as they are on any other topic: They don’t care about the results, the morality, or the logic; they want what they want.

Second, I think the interview definitely caught Cecile Richards in a pickle when it came to her own pregnancy. What I would pay to have been a fly on the wall when she was shown the picture of any of her babies inside her. Did she really say: So what? That’s nothing but a bunch of cells. Of course she didn’t. Unfortunately, it also shows how far liberals will go to sell out their children’s lives for their own radical agenda.

Maybe I don’t mention this enough but my Govicide novels have a huge pro-life message in them. Sometimes I get so caught up in the anti-government, anti-control, pro-individualism of them I forget that it’s a pro-life message that drives the entire plot.

If you’re interested, you should check the books out at Amazon.com.

One At A Time

I don’t know–I kind of like the idea of assassinating Iranian scientists:

Obama Wants Israel To Stop Assassinations

Can this Administration ever come down on the correct side of any topic? I wonder . . . Yeah, I know–the USA made political assassinations illegal back int the 70’s. Is the world a better place because of that? Hard to calculate one way or the other.

The truth is the USA wouldn’t have the guts to do what the Israelis are doing. And it covers up that cowardice by falling back on the fact that assassinations are illegal. If there were a country close to the USA developing nuclear weapons, what would it do? I’d like to think we’d keep the idea of killing the scientists working on the program on the table.

In the end, though, I don’t know if the Israelis efforts will be enough. I personally believe Iran will get a bomb. Will it use it quickly? Hard to say. But, it will have one unless the USA and the Israelis work together to stop it.

In my Govicide novels–specifically the first one, assassinations go on as well. Govicide Agents, the most elite of the One World Government’s henchmen, are being knocked off, one by one, in specific areas of the world. At the beginning of Govicide: Comply, the killer is caught. His name? Hamilton. He had the courage to assassinate these Agents despite him knowing it was a one-way trip.

We need more people like the Israelis and Hamilton in the world.