Listening To Your Attorney

This could be the only time you ever see me link to an article at The Nation:

NSA Listened to Attorney-Client Phone Calls

Granted, I’m not entirely on board with what the article is trying to say. I understand if The Nation had its way, every terrorist would be afforded the same rights as American citizens, Guantanamo would be closed, and we’d holding terrorist trials in NYC. So, I get it.

In fact, I don’t believe terrorists and the people who finance them should get attorneys at all.

However, it also occurs to me that NSA agents who listen to calls like the ones mentioned in this story can also listen to calls between common criminals and their attorneys should they be so motivated. I guess at some point we have to determine that “in defense of national security” doesn’t mean the Government can do anything it wants at any time.

I know what people will say: The NSA and other agencies are doing great work out there; they need to be given some leeway. And, I don’t disagree with the first part of the statement. Regarding the second part of the statement, though, would one of those same people tell me when “too far” is too far? I simply want to know what the boundaries are.

Because, if the Government can get away with listening to you talk to your attorney, then you really don’t have an attorney.

In my Govicide novels, this is exactly the case. There are no “attorneys.” People are charged, always convicted, and executed in most cases. You know, kind of like North Korea. Why? Because the Government is always correct–it would NEVER bring to trial an innocent person, would it?

Of course it would. And that’s why attorney-client privilege can’t be breached–what the NSA is doing is far enough.

No Misunderstandings

I’ve experienced these guys at the Canadian border firsthand:

U.S. Vet Gun Violation Could Get Him 3 Years In Canadian Prison

In 2012, my parents and I went to Canada fishing. At the border, the Agent went up one side and down the other of my dad when my dad told him he owned a gun. A Canadian accent is funny until it’s telling you what the penalty would be for bringing a gun into the country.

And the crazy part: My dad didn’t have his gun with him. Still, the Agent felt motivated to tell him the rules. For the record, if you’re carrying a gun and want to go into Canada, you must hand the gun over to Canadian authorities and they’ll give it back to you when you come back to the border when entering the USA. Any other way and you’ll get what this vet is getting.

But, the point of me linking to this story is when Government is big and powerful, misunderstandings and mistakes that break the law become un-retractable offenses. A mistake becomes a planned crime. A misunderstanding becomes a desire to evade. Forgetfulness becomes purposeful lying. And there’s nothing an innocent person can do to get out of felony charges.

The vet made a mistake–he had no desire to break Canadian law. But that won’t matter now. The Canadians will make an example of this guy and enjoy it.

In my Govicide novels, Govicide Agents treat the Masses the same way. Even if a subject has broken a One World Government mandate by accident, it doesn’t matter. The person will be charged and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

This is what happens when the common sense is taken out of law enforcement and it simply becomes what the books say.

Children of the World

When I read something like I think: Who are these people?

Children Belong To All Of Us

The good news about Common Core is there even a lot of liberal teachers who know it’s a disaster. Granted, they’ll never put the blame on the Democrats but it’s better than nothing.

However, this kind of statement is why I tell all of you conservatives with kids that you MUST get your kids out of public schools. And this comes from a guy who just judged a History Fair event at a local high school. And who has many friends who are public school teachers.

As I try to tell anyone in particular: My statements regarding public schools are not personal. They’re simply a suspicion of the people who really run schools in this country right now, and that’s the Federal Government.

You cannot allow the Federal Government to get inside a young person’s impressionable head.

In my Govicide books, the One World Government runs the schools with an even heavier hand than the Federal Government does in real life. Children grow up to be good little soldiers for the State. Indoctrinated citizens are the easiest to control.

And this is my main opposition to public schools: They will never teach anything that is against Big Government because that’s where they get all their educational power.

The Basics

There’s something about this Atlanta snow traffic jam that drives me nuts:

Atlanta Brought to Standstill By Snow

I don’t like seeing all these people become sheep. Somehow the human race has to be smarter than this in the 21st century. For me, I never take a weatherman’s prediction on anything, let alone the weather. If the weather becomes important to me, I look at the maps myself–I don’t rely on somebody to tell me about them.

I realize Atlanta is a southern city so their residents aren’t necessarily used to this. But, people have to be smarter than this: If the weather looks nasty, don’t get caught up in these fiascos of being stuck on interstates in your cars.

This illustrates something else, though. And I expect to see much more of it as I get older: Cities and states not being able to care of the basic function of keeping roads and bridge clear and in service.

That’s what I also think of when I see the roads being a mess. With the rising of social services and state budgets being out of whack, those things states used to do well, and should do well, are going to take a back seat. It’s inevitable in my opinion.

I illustrate this in my Govicide books. Somehow the One World Government can be food to each subject’s (at least that’s the way it appears to my main characters) but the roads are ruined. Sidewalks cracked. Bridges rusted. Buses barely working. Buildings that the OWG owns (which is all of them) falling down, lights not working.

If I live to be 80 years old, I’ll see this if the World continues on this path of Government providing all these things it shouldn’t. It won’t be able to do the basics . . . and it won’t do anything else well either.