The Perfect Future

Did you see this?

Obamacare Perfect by 2017

One of my favorite books of all time, The True Believer, explains why people endure war, poverty, and control under repressive regimes. It’s the book I think of when I read this article. Why?

In the book, Eric Hoffer explains how Governments use the promise of a better future somewhere down the road but only if people are willing to sacrifice now. If they put up with no bread on the shelves now, there will be bread on the shelves in the future. If they put up with government surveillance now, there won’t be any surveillance in the future. If they embrace terrible Government healthcare now, it will get better in the future.

We know, however, that those future promises hardly ever come true.

In fact, one of the main reasons oppressive governments fall and freedom takes over is because eventually the people cease to believe the b.s. This is the exact reason a country like North Korea must block anything coming from the outside because over the years it’s used this same propaganda: Endure now, better times later. The problem: The rest of the world is already light years ahead of that country. Good times in North Korea can be realized now . . . but that wouldn’t be convenient for Kim Jung Un.

In my Govicide novels, the One World Government leaders use the same tactics. Tough times now, better times later. My main character, Michael Locke, begins to realize this is nothing but a way for the OWG to stay in power. It’s one of the reasons he rejects its authority and revolts.

We should never blindly trust any government that tells us the future will be perfect if we give up our rights and accept repression now.

Amazon Drones

Nope, not surprised by this at all:

Drones by Amazon

Since I wrote about it over 3 years ago in my Govicide novels, specifically the last book, Resist. I explicitly mention in the book how Amazon will eventually become part of a government computer system keeping track of everyone. In addition, in the book before it, Survive, drones–run by that very system–scour the streets for my main character.

Charlie Rose and his producer were surprised.

But this guy in Madeira Beach is not.