The Average Person

I love stories like this–regular people choosing not to enforce crazy laws:

Sheriffs Not Enforcing Gun Control Laws

This is a common, and original, theme in my podcasts at The Dentzel Domain. As I have told people for years, I understand why people in positions of power try to abuse us. What don’t understand is why the average person–the person who must make sure the laws are followed–goes along. In my circles, this has become known as “The Paycheck Speech.” The only conclusion I can come to is the only reason average people go along with all these idiotic laws is because if they don’t, they don’t paid–they get fired. And my fear is we’ll all fall into the abyss because people put their paycheck in front of their conscience.

In other words, it’s not like Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barack Obama, Valerie Jarrett, etc. are going to every person’s house making sure they follow every law from the EPA, OSHA, HHS, etc. It take the average person to do that.

In fact, the reason so many repressive regimes succeed is because the average person buys into becoming a tool for the State, whether through choice or coercion. The Nazis had citizen spies. The Soviet Union, too. And the stories that come out of North Korea regarding people reporting on each other is enough to make you cry. 

That’s why a story like this makes me smile: Average citizens–sheriffs–saying weren’t not doing it. The laws make no sense and are un-enforceable, so they’re not doing it. I love it.

In my Govicide novels, the Masses aren’t such free-thinkers. They’re exactly like the citizens of Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, North Korea, and whole host of regimes who’ve used commoners to enforce the State’s collectivist agenda. In every case, the population does this to their own detriment despite the Governments telling them otherwise. 

I should make one more note: The reason we have our Second Amendment Gun Rights, coincidentally, is exactly for the reason that our Founding Fathers knew many citizens would take part in enforcing draconian laws. The average person is much less likely to try and enforce the State’s agenda if the person knows his neighbor will blow his head off if the neighbor finds out. 

Gun ownership keeps the State’s agenda at bay by scaring those citizens who don’t mind being tools for regimes. Because through history, too many citizens have sent their neighbors and friends to the gallows. We can’t let that happen in the USA.


North Korea is both the most interesting and worst country in existence:

Kim Jung Un’s Uncle Executed

The most important point to remember about socialist/communist/collectivists countries? Executions are the norm, not the exception. Liberals can cry all about the death penalty in the United States but our rate pales in comparison to the patterns in the dictatorships of the world. And at least our death row inmates get appeal after appeal after appeal before they’re finally lethally injected.

Kim Jung Un’s uncle didn’t get those benefits. From the time he was taking out of public until his execution was about a month. In fact, executions of political prisoners and dissenters are the only thing socialist countries do efficiently.

I’ll say it again: Quick and public executions are a by-product of a controlling government. Why? Because the repressive regimes of the world have one idea above all else: The State is never wrong. So, if something goes wrong–bread isn’t on the shelves, for instance–it must be some kind of conspiracy by subjects trying undermine the Government’s efforts to put bread on the shelves. Whereas, in truth, the reason there is no bread on the shelves is because of the Government itself and its embrace of communist policies. But, it’s never going to admit that, so individual–on cooked up charges–must pay with their lives.

In my Govicide novels, I mention executions quite often in all three books. The One World Government disposes of subjects just like North Korea does–quickly, and often in public so the Masses know not to get out of line. No trials, no lawyers, no appeals, no clemencies. Only death by the hand of the OWG. And just like North Korea, the OWG does it because it cannot be wrong. So, when something happens that reflects badly on the OWG, it creates criminals out of thin air–sometimes the first people Govicide Agents see on the street.

As I like to remind listeners on my podcast, The Dentzel Domain, socialist/atheistic countries have killed more of their citizens than all of the capitalist/rights-loving countries. That’s not a coincidence.


Going To Your Head

I did a podcast with this tone just a few days ago:

Right Turns On Ryan

Paul Ryan, because of what he’s done in the past couple years, now has a seat at the big table and I don’t think he is handling it very well. I have to think that if ten years ago he would’ve been told that this is the budget he would present in 2013, he would’ve laughed it off and said, “You’re crazy.” But, as we know, he did and we’re not. He’s gotten some power and it seems it’s gone to his head.

It’s easy, I guess, for us to judge what he’s doing. We don’t have the pressure on us. The attention. The media looking for even the smallest chink in our armor. 

But, the only way to manage all of it is to stick your principles you had before you got any power–that will guide you as well as anything. Paul Ryan isn’t doing that.

In my first Govicide novel, Comply, my main character, Michael Locke, goes through a similar predicament. He is a nobody at the beginning of the story and then all at once he becomes one of the most powerful people within the One World Government–a Govicide Agent. For a while, it goes to his head. He enjoys all the perks, the jet rides, the limousines, the great food, the power, the control, etc. 

Unlike Paul Ryan, Michael starts to see the errors in his ways in a short time. He can’t ignore the problems he begins to see. Yes, he uses his new-found power . . . but not for evil. Instead, he uses it to get to the truth as to what is really going on in the OWG. Michael doesn’t “go along to get along.” In the end he  . . . well, let’s not ruin it. Suffice to say he does more about his nagging conscience than Paul Ryan ever will, if Rep. Ryan has a nagging conscience at all.

Power–you can’t let it go to your head.

The Food We Eat

I could post stories similar to this every day:

Food Police

It’s not just that tax dollars are going to this; it’s that the Federal Government thinks about this stuff at all. I’d be upset if there was one cent going toward anything close to this. And it’s truthfully low-hanging food to go on a diatribe about this. It’s too easy.

However, this does illustrate a theme in my Govicide novels, in particular the first, Comply, and the last, Resist: Food for some people, but not other people. Because this kind of Federal program is exactly where this will point the food industry.

You see, we already realize certain people–let’s call them “rich”–get to eat certain foods that the rest of us don’t. Lobster every day. Caviar every day. Mangoes every day. Sushi every day. Etc., etc., Etc..

And that’s fine. They have the money for it, they should eat it. I’d do it myself if I could afford it. But this isn’t exactly what is going to happen if the Government gets its way. It will be more like what happens in my novels.

Those in exclusive positions will get the food they want no matter what, while the rest of us can’t obtain it at any price. I mean, you really don’t think hypocrite liberals, politicians, CEO’s, etc. are going to let any food laws stand in the way of their appetite, do you? The exclusive restaurants of the world will continue to serve whatever they choose, while the restaurants for the average citizen will be beholden to these crazy laws that our rulers invent. As it is in my novels where Govicide agents get to eat whatever they want whenever they want it while the Masses feast on ham, bread, and water.

Oh yes, they’re gonna to teach children how to order food. And at some point those children who grow up to run the World will get to order whatever they want, while the rest eat peanut butter and jelly because that’s the only thing they’ll be allowed to eat. Markets don’t get in the way of food; Governments do. 

The Good Government Stuff

This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone:

Obamacare and Volunteer Fire Departments

One more example of the law of unintended consequences. Or, maybe it was intended? Who knows with this Administration . . . 

In my Govicide novels, something similar happens but for different reasons. In the example above, the volunteer departments will shut down because they can’t meet Obamacare’s demands. You can see this in Europe where the welfare state has soaked up so many resources that it is impossible for Governments to maintain adequate defenses. Why do you think the USA is the World’s Policeman?

Starting in my first novel and carrying right through the third, I illustrate how certain Government programs crowd out others. Healthcare more important than electricity. Houses more important than roads. Food more important than mail delivery. Even in the One World Government, those in control can only do so much. It should be said that I allude to fire and police in the novels. Murders are investigated, but only minimally. Fires are allowed to burn–much like may what happen as these volunteer fire departments close.

This is destined to happen in the USA. The welfare state is bigger than it’s ever been. Entitlements take up more and more of the money every year. It can only continue if cutbacks are made in other areas–military, roads, bridges, etc. It will happen. It’s only a matter of time.

Drones, the Human Kind

This is exactly what I’m talking about in my books:

Teachers Tick Off At Common Core

The teachers in my Govicide books are exactly that: Drones. Following rules. Following mandates. Following Govicide’s orders. No thinking allowed. No creativity. No choices. 

However, in my books it goes much further than education–it extends to every little facet of each subject’s life. Food, entertainment, work, transportation, news. People aren’t believe to be smart enough to make all these decisions.

Well, that’s not exactly true. It’s more the opposite: The OWG doesn’t want people to find out they can make decisions for themselves because that will make the Government less relevant, and thus less powerful.

This is exactly what is going on in our education system. The Federal Government wants its control over the schools so it can control the information, and more to the point: People’s minds. So, I will say it again: If you are a conservative and you send your children to public schools, you are undermining the rest of us. Stop doing that.


Gun Ownership

Never think law enforcement likes you having your guns, whether it’s in NYC or anywhere else:

NYC Sends Out Gun Letters

We can see this all across the USA in metropolitan areas. Another city that comes to mind is Chicago–strict gun control, out-of-control crime. You wonder why law enforcement doesn’t notice the correction? I have the reason and I express it in my Govicide novels.

The reason police forces wants guns confiscated is two-fold. First, more and more I believe the police are more worried about their own safety than the safety of the citizens. They worry more about getting shot than worry about citizens getting killed. So, they look out for themselves first–which is contradictory to the role of law enforcement.

Second–this is almost a corollary to #1, and this is where my novels come in, police at the local and federal level seem to more and more be invading private property. For instance, why do EPA officers carry weapons now? We know why–their jurisdiction has gone out of control. And it’s the same for regular police forces. More and more they’re treading on people’s rights. So, they worry about getting shot for it, which they should. 

In my novels, in particular Comply and Resist, gun ownership is an issue, brought on by reason #2. The Masses don’t have guns because that makes it easier for the Govicide Department to push them around and harass them. This is exactly what will happen if NYC residents, and city dwellers elsewhere, go along with repressive, rights-hating municipal regimes. Guns exist for people to protect themselves from criminals, and to protect themselves from Government. 




I could’ve picked a million and one different links on immigration for this post but I chose this one:

Boehner Will Cave On Amnesty

Immigration and amnesty never popped up in my Govicide novels. The reason? There’s only one country, and it doesn’t even have a “name,” technically. It’s simply known as the OWG–One World Government. Think about it: There’s no reason to have a name for a civilization if there’s only one of them. 

So, no borders, no immigration. No immigration, no amnesty needed–if you believe in that type of thing.

But, this whole movement toward breaking down borders through amnesty and lax border control is a movement toward some kind of “one country” for the Earth. And as Ronald Reagan noted in his Time for Choosing speech, the Cubans had somewhere to defect to: the USA. Where will people go when world leaders put them all under one Government umbrella? Because don’t you believe it’s going to be freedom-loving. Remember: Most of the world lives under brutal conditions. The USA is the exception. We would become more like them, than them become more like us if we were all combined.

In fact, it’s through all the immigration talk in the last 10 years that I came up with the idea for the One World Government. Borders–we need them to protect us from anarchy and socialism. 


Perfect Socialism

News from South America:

Sabotage in Venezuela?

Now, does anyone really believe the blackout in Venezuela was sabotage? I mean, really . . . Here in the real world we know it was one of two things: 1. Shoddy maintenance because the grid is run by a corrupt government. Or 2. A planned blackout by the Government so the new dictator can create enemies and, thus, consolidate his power.

There is something to be learned from this. No matter if the cause was #1 or #2, socialists are never going to admit the truth about anything concerning how they conduct Government business. If something “socialist” fails, it’s private businesses’ fault. Rich people are to blame. Corporations are to blame. People who want to undermine the country are to blame.

It’s the very reason the Obama administration and liberals are never, ever, never, ever, never, ever going to admit Obamacare will never work. Instead, they talk about the website, the exchanges, the states, Republican governors, etc. But they will never admit socialist medicine doesn’t work–it’s just the implementation of it that’s terrible.

There’s a sinister side of this that I illustrate in my Govicide novels–specifically Survive and Resist. Those of those us who are capitalists know socialism does fail. It fails all the time. So, there have to be repercussions. There has to be evidence of its failures. There has to be proof that if found can undermine the socialist ideology.

This is when socialist regimes get nasty. They simply destroy the evidence–meaning, they kill the people. It is the story of history that socialist leaders will kill their own people before they admit socialism doesn’t work. They’ll purge. They’ll execute. They’ll gas. They’ll destroy. Instead of admitting their precious ideology is a failure.

We must remember this as we fight liberalism.

Small Business

Is it me or are more stories like this happening all the time?

Girl’s Mistletoe Sale Banned

This very kind of thing happens in my Govicide novels. People aren’t allowed to do business with each other. They can’t sell each other tv’s. They aren’t allowed to borrow each other’s tools. It’s illegal for them to do anything without the One World Government’s okay.

I put those kinds of themes in my books because of stories like the one above. What was on my mind during the course of the books were the stories of children’s lemonade stands being shut down. You’ve heard of that happening. It seems like it happens every summer.

Government behavior such as this is one more form of tyranny–you can’t call it anything else. People trying to provide for themselves through the selling of legitimate products, and the Government getting in the way. Sure, it’s not like this girl was going to die if she couldn’t sell this mistletoe. But I think that goes even further to illustrate how petty and irrational Government has become.

This girl wanted to finance her braces and help her dad, and the city said, “No way.” This stuff is becoming commonplace and we should call it what it is, and it’s exactly how I portray it in my books: Tyranny.