This on-going saga has even made it into my non-sports blog:

Incognito Denies Bullying

The reason I chose to highlight this story today, though, is bullying is an unspoken topic of all three of my Govicide novels. But, bullying by government, not by citizens. In the series, Govicide Agents, including my main characters, harass, manipulate, and coerce average people all in an effort to make sure the One World Government’s desires come true.

And, of course, what’s good for the OWG is good for everyone . . . where have we heard that before?

Because here in the year 2013, we are being bullied. In fact, that’s what big government is whether it’s in a fiction world or in reality. And it–the Government–will always tell you it’s bullying you for your own benefit. Or, it’ll try to convince you that forcing its way into your life is better for other people–I wonder if these “other people” even exist?

Whereas, as in our personal lives, bullying is only good for one person: The bully. Likewise, bullying by government is only good for one entity: The Government.

We’re being bullied. The sooner we realize it, the sooner we will hit the bully back.


Very sad story out of the Philippines:

At Least 1000 Dead in Typhoon 

The impact of disasters on civilizations is fascinating to me, going way to back to the days of Pompeii. So, I included the topic in my Govicide novels after noticing something very telling in real life.

Have you ever noticed how free countries endure snowstorms, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, much better than socialized ones do? And that’s interesting to me since socialized ones claim they care for their people more than the capitalist ones do.

Yes, we can throw in most African and Muslim nations into the mix as well since none of them truly embrace freedom.

Look at worldwide statistics to see how thousands and thousands of people die in these nations despite the countries knowing a storm is coming. Sure, the USA had Katrina–but in the end it was miniscule compared to what China and other countries have faced. Even this typhoon in the Philippines–do we really believe thousands of Americans would’ve died if it hit Florida or Louisiana or Texas?

This is relevant to my books because I detail in each how disasters occurred during the One World Government’s reign and how it let thousands of people die. It couldn’t protect them. It couldn’t warn them. It didn’t do anything to help them despite it claiming it existed for those very reasons.

Why can’t socialized/communist countries protect their people better? It’s a few different reasons but I will pick out one in particular: They see their citizens as pawns, as gears in a machine. And if parts of a machine go bad, you throw them out and get new ones. Dictatorial countries see no value in their citizens except following over coming from the central government. Everything else is just talk.

And you read it first at the Govicide blog.


I found this article and, yes, even types of relationships are relevant to good science fiction:

Marriage is Best Defense

It’s no coincidence that in most dystopian science fiction, traditional relationships, especially marriage, are antiquated or unknown entities. So, I don’t know why so many libs were confused by what Mollie Hemingway wrote. It’s very simple: With the encroachment of government, personal relationships become weaker.

In all three of my Govicide books, I express it by people not communicating with each other. They don’t know their neighbors. They don’t talk to each other on the sidewalk or the bus or the subway. They only deal with other people if they must. Why? Because everything comes from  the nebulous term, “Government,” not other people. Moreover, the One World Government in my books forbids people from helping each other.

So, where do sci-fi writers like myself get these ideas? We look at reality. Where Government is deeply involved in people’s lives, you see disasters–relationships included. Delinquent fathers, crack-addicted mothers, children deserted, women raped, etc. And Government seems helpless to fix it even though it allegedly tries.

Whereas, in places where government is an afterthought, relationships are strong and traditional, people live well. Low crime, low violence, infrequent divorces, strong community bonds, everybody knows each other. It’s not rocket science.


Death Panels

This is a great article even though myself and many others knew about death panels long before Sarah Palin made them famous:

Sarah Palin was right

The extermination either through “nice” or ugly means has been around as long as humans have walked the Earth. But something we should keep in mind is they are usually part of dictatorships and brutal regimes, not part of civilizations where people are free to pick their own leaders.

In my Govicide novels, specifically Comply and Survive, people allowing themselves to be sacrificed for the overall health of the One World Government is alluded to. In their society people accept it as much as eating and breathing. Why? Because they’ve been convinced that no other way can work. That allowing people to live, and trying to cure them in their later years, is a waste of government time and resources.

Of course, my main characters in novels have an excuse: They don’t know any better. Granted, they learn eventually. But, they’re never told that another way of living is possible.

Whereas, all of us in the real world know old people can be cared for through the free market system if Government will get out the way. It makes you wonder: What exactly does the Federal Government have against old people? Could it be it doesn’t like them because they’re the wise ones? Because they’re the ones who remember better times? Because they’re the ones who keep us cultural attached to our traditions? I wonder . . .

Ourselves Alone

This article covers a theme I explored in my third Govicide book, Resist:

Millenials Voting Their Future Away

Before I get started, I should mention that “ourselves alone” in Irish is loosely translated as “Sinn Fein.” Have you heard of it? Sinn Fein is a Irish political party that was closely associated with the Irish Republican Army. Yes, the same group that tried to blow up Margaret Thatcher.

I, of course, don’t have much in common with Sinn Fein, although I am Irish. However, I do identify quite a bit with the motto, Ourselves Alone.

What I get out of those words is expressed in the linked article. The truth is this: Eventually we as freedom-loving, small government-believing, rights-defending people are going to have to let go of our friends and family who don’t think like us.

The reason I chose Resist as the title was three reasons. First, my characters on one hand are resisting Govicide Agents who are on their tail. Second, my characters must resist the idea of trying to save everyone who thinks differently. Third, they must resist the attraction of falling back into their old habits of thinking like the Masses in the One World Government.

Another truth: We aren’t going to be able to save everyone. This is the major theme of the Resist. What I believe is everyone with any type of education already knows everything that needs to be known about how the World works. However, they choose to walk down a path that is detrimental to the rest of us.

And at some point, we’ll have to ditch them to save the rest of us. Then we’ll be ourselves . . . alone.


I found this morsel–a theme that was predicted in my novels and elsewhere:

Shortage Of Doctors

Doctors don’t appear out of thin air. Nurses aren’t conjured from some netherworld. Therapists, specialists, x-ray techs, etc. aren’t robots that are built, work, then shut down at the end of the day.

The medical field is made up of people like any other industry. And people go into medicine by choice, not by force–at least not yet.

However, my Govicide novels detail what happens when people don’t feel like working anymore. Instead, the Government picks what people will do. If they don’t like it? Tough. Is that the kind of person you want taking care of you–someone who’s forced to do it? Someone who has no interest in it? Someone who might gag at the sight of blood?

The problem is this is the only logical conclusion when Government takes over an industry and makes it unpleasant for everyone. Nobody wants to go into the profession willingly. Is this what freedom is about? I don’t think so.

Works Of Art

Articles like this are always interesting to me. Even more so because something like this happens in the second book of my Govicide series.

Stolen Art from WWII Found

As can be seen in Muslim countries, one of the first parts of culture to suffer is art. Anything that shows freedom, beauty, the human condition, etc. Anything that contradicts how the Government wishes to portray how life should be.

In my second book, a stash of forgotten/unknown art is discovered by my main characters in an abandoned coffee shop on the outskirts of LA. Its the first art they’ve seen having nothing to do with the glorification of the One World Government.

What they discover is somebody has saved and hid this art so it wouldn’t be destroyed when the OWG came to power many years before.

Of course, in the case of the Nazis, they stole it, then sold it for cheap, and used the money to finance their war effort. In my book, the people who took this art did it because they believed it was a true expression of freedom and wanted to hide it from those who would destroy it.

Complete Innocence

I could cite many, many different examples but I’ll go with this one:

Healthcare.gov Problems? Republicans Did It!

First lesson of Big Government: It’s never going to take blame when something it does goes wrong. Never, ever, never, ever, never, ever, ever. And it will point it’s finger at its enemy as the cause of the problems, even if the enemy can’t seem to walk and talk at the same time.

There are many examples of this in my Govicide novels. The One World Government blames problems its subjects experience on people called, “Offenders,”–people who sometimes break mandates within The OWG. When, in reality, these people have nothing to do with the problems. The problems, of course, are caused by The OWG itself.

In addition, The OWG goes as far as creating a “fictional” boogey man–the Free Enterpriser, who will come and take every subjects Goods and Services away. Meaning, Free Enterprisers want people to starve and die. When, in reality, in my novels no group takes away more Goods and Services than The OWG. Why? Because its system of providing everything for everyone doesn’t work. But, it will never take the blame for failure. Instead, it silences those who complain and those who The OWG can’t feed or clothe.

So, if you’re looking for Liberals to ever take the blame for any of their boondoggles, forget it. Not gonna happen.


Since it’s Halloween, I thought this was fitting:

Zombies as Leaders

And, believe it or not, zombies are at least a little relevant to my Govicide series. In particular, the third book, Resist.

In the third book, there’s a scene where my three main characters must traverse the streets of a city while the Masses are walking to work. Like mindless humans–zombies, this mob marches to their work, not giving much attention to their surroundings. They don’t speak to each other. In fact the only proof that they see each other is that they don’t run into one another.

My main character, Michael Locke, first notices this phenomena in the first book, Comply. He watches a city bus glide by, noticing that the passengers don’t look each other and don’t speak to one another–every person’s head is down as if in contemplation. It isn’t until later that Michael realize this was himself at one time.

Likewise, in the third book. Michael’s girlfriend, Jade, comes to the realization she acted like these “zombies” at one time herself. And it wasn’t until she and Michael escaped the One World Government that she began to notice the destruction and misery around her.

Zombies . . . I wrote about them way back in 2010. Was that before the Walking Dead was on tv? I think so.