Old People

Maybe you saw this:


I will admit I don’t hold in as high a regard as most people do the “Greatest Generation.” For one, although they fought Nazis and Socialists across the Oceans, they accepted it like chocolate in the USA. Two, they raised some of the most self-righteous, arrogant, wobbly people (Baby Boomers) this country has ever seen (Don’t get me started on the couple of generations before my own). Three, our senior citizens and their entitlements are killing younger generations and they know it, but they continue to drain the USA anyway.

Even so, on an individual basis, old people should be respected, especially ones who’ve seen horrors the average citizen will never see.

In my first and third books of the Govicide trilogy, the reader discovers what the OWG (One World Government) does with old people: It kills them. They’re too expensive, too smart, too stubborn, too ill, etc. And the OWG does this with the younger citizens knowing full well what’s going on. In fact, everybody loves it, including the old people themselves who think they’re doing the OWG a favor by allowing themselves to be terminated.

But when I wrote that in my books in 2010, I never thought I’d see a time in this country when war vets were banned from the memorials and the media could get away with making fun of them in the process. It borders on blasphemy.

Once again, though, a theme in my books comes true. I take no solace in that.


If you listen to my podcasts at The Dentzel Domain, you know one of my original ideas is this: For the world to work, at some point somebody has to get off their ass and do something.

“Do something” could mean anything: Dig a ditch, plant a seed of corn, pick up a hammer–anything that doesn’t include a person sitting around waiting for the world to simply “happen.” This is a main theme in my second Govicide book, Survive, where my main character, Michael Locke, finds out how ignorant he really is on how the world works–the existence of the OWG or not.

But, my idea has a pre-supposition that even I forget at times. What is it? People understanding that things don’t appear in stores and services don’t get provided by magic.

Well, when I see a video like this: http://www.therightplanet.com/2013/10/shock-video-obama-supporters-dont-know-obamas-party-affiliation/ I’m not sure people know anything about anything let alone know how and why cars get made, how bridges get built, and how donuts are on the shelves at Krispy Kreme.

We are becoming like the characters in my Govicide books–ignorant. Not to give it away but my characters eventually change their ways. Will we?

The Ocean

You can’t make this stuff up . . .



Or, you can . . . like I did in book three of my Govicide trilogy, Resist. In the book, the reader discovers the One World Government (OWG) bans the Masses from going to the beaches or swimming in the ocean. Why? Because it’s fun. Because some people don’t live near the ocean–and it’s just not fair if some people get to experience the beauty of the water and others don’t. Because the OWG decided people would rather get Goods and Services than have the money spent on lifeguards.

Don’t ever read anything in my books and think it is too crazy to happen.


I’m back from parts known . . .

Although Government often blatantly outlaws certain behavior that is seemingly innocent, sometimes it takes another route. I cover this topic, mainly, in my first book, Comply. And I encountered this very phenomenon during my time gone from this blog.

I was in Canada fishing over the last two weeks and a person can’t just go there and fish anymore. Furthermore, getting to put a line in the water isn’t as simple as buying a cheap license. No, in Canada there are different regions. On top of that, there are different licenses. And to follow the rules regarding each, a person has to be a lawyer to meander through all the regulations and rules.

Of course, this is all in the name of conservation. I mean, God forbid somebody should go fishing and catch something. If you think I’m kidding, go to any Canadian website regarding fishing and try to make sense of what can be caught and what can’t.

And this happens all over the world regarding lots of things. Government doesn’t want to come right out and make something illegal. Instead, it makes the paperwork so difficult that nobody will bother doing it in the first place. Examples? Oil drilling, coal mining.

A side effect of mountains of paperwork to perform the simplest of tasks is that it induces people to go around the rules to do what they want, thus creating a whole new group of criminals who can be fined and imprisoned.

In the end, paperwork is a way for government to seem reasonable while, at the same time, keeping anybody from doing anything.