I can’t tell you how much shame I feel when I read an article like this:

Food Stamps Don’t Reduce Hunger

Food is a big topic in all in all three of my Govicide books–Comply, Survive, and Resist. In the first, my main character discovers The Masses only get to try a small portion of all the possible foods within the OWG. Of course, the elites get anything they want.

In Survive, Michael Locke and his girlfriend find out what it means to starve. They realize how much they don’t know about how food is made, grown, and created. Until that point in their lives, food just “appeared” on their doorstep. I put them in a situation where they have to go out and find food. And it’s tough.

In Resist, the two find out what happens when people are allowed to freely grow and make the food they want with no government interference. And how people when given the chance will enjoy providing food for others, as long as they receive something–cash–in return.

I guess when I wrote those 3 books I never thought we’d have stories about the rampant spreading of food stamps in our society so soon. I don’t like being so correct some times.

We have to remember: Food stamps don’t make food, laws don’t cure diseases, and guns don’t kill people. In all three cases, and many more, people do.

Facilities For No One

Obamacare gives me so much to compare to my Govicide books. I love this nugget:

No Obamacare in Alaska

In my Govicide books, especially in the first book, Comply, I give several examples of Government stores that no one ever uses. They stay open for hours at a time but have no customers. For example, there’s a scene in the first book where my main character enters a bookstore. It’s empty except for the worker there. And the idea that’s left is that it hasn’t had any customers in a long time.

I’ll admit I ripped a bit of this off from stories about North Korea. The same thing happens there with restaurants and hotels. However, when I was writing my books I never thought I’d see that in the USA. 

But Obamacare has surpassed all my wildest expectations for outrageousness. Thanks for making my novels come true, Mr. President. 


I really don’t talk about it a lot in my Govicide series. But it could be the lack of commentary on animals and pets in my books that unconsciously tells the story. I saw this article and it very well could be what is going on behind the scenes in the OWG.

Feral Cats In The Wild

In my books, people aren’t familiar with animals and the concept of even having a pet animal is foreign to them. But, a long with all the people who’ve disappeared over the years under OWG rule, I leave the reader thinking that the same fate came to thousands if not millions of animals–dogs, cats, horses, cows, and so many other animals we’ve come to love and use for our own productive ends.

In fact, it’s safe to say: You can judge a civilization on how it treats its animals. So, when I read a story like this I know we’re headed toward the world I created in my series.


I’m not sure that’s a word but it’s what came to mind what I read this:

Steelers and Obamacare

The story hurts me very personally because I am a huge Steelers fan having grown up in Western Pennsylvania.

But, don’t we see what’s happening? Everywhere we turn there’s Government. It’s like The Force in the Star Wars movies. And, like The Force, Government can be used for good and evil.

However, we know that Government has gone too far when sports teams are linking with it to promote some new Government program. And as you can imagine, Government being everywhere is a theme in all three of my Govicide novels.

In the books, Government provides everything for everyone, just as the Federal Government of the USA is trying to do. For some reason, there are large group of people who think this will make the USA more free. Just as is the case in my books where my main characters and others believe that the Government providing is the way things should be because humans surely can’t provide for themselves.

The problem we have in 2013 is it’s not just Hollywood anymore, or the nightly news. Now it’s sports teams and radio websites that are devoting their time to promoting a Government program that by any definition is a boondoggle.

Our Founding Fathers didn’t want this. I’m sure they wanted us to go weeks if not months without ever thinking about our Federal Government. But that’s not possible now because Government’s tentacles have spread into everything.

Just like in my books.

Getting Stuff

A short installment for a Saturday night. I saw this article:

Food Stamps Not Working

I’m wondering how many of the people who had these cards were terrified when they wouldn’t work. Probably many. They probably wondered how they were going to ever eat or drink again if their cards didn’t work.

In my first book, Govicide: Comply, my main character, Michael Locke, gets to see behind-the-scenes of how The System–the computer program that makes sure everybody gets everything–works. This program also tracks everything. My character has the firm belief that if this computer system ever broke down then everyone would starve because the Masses couldn’t get Goods and Services on their own. Meaning, they couldn’t live without the Government.

This scene from my first book went through my head when I read the Food Stamp story.


This article caught my eye:

French Farmers’ Suicide On The Rise

Granted, it’s not a USA story but my books are about the condition of the World, not simply one part of it. And the truth is suicide rates are up all over the Earth.

Suicide is a theme in the first novel of my Govicide series, Comply. My main character, Michael Locke, is a Homicide Detective who recognizes that suicides are increasing despite the OWG (One World Government) insisting that things have never been better. What he discovers through the help of a Free Enterpriser and his own research is the reason people are committing suicide is because the conditions of the World have never been worse.

In addition, suicide affects Michael personally when he narrowly stops his girlfriend from killing herself.

The suicide rate is a prime indicator of how well the World is doing. If the World is good, people don’t want to leave it voluntarily. And the opposite is also true. In addition, people have figured something out: The spread of socialism probably doesn’t extend to the After Life. I’m sure this was what was going through these farmer’s minds before they killed themselves.

The suicide rate: Keep an eye on it and read my books to discover how it plays a role in how people should govern themselves.

Online Business

I could’ve picked out a wide range of articles but I will stick to one only:

Obamacare Website Barely Works


In my Govicide series, there is a computer network called simply, The System. It’s a combination of Facebook, Ebay, Amazon, Google, Yahoo, Twitter, etc. and can track any product and any person. The new ObamaCare site reminds me of this.

True, the Obamacare website can’t track anyone but I’m thinking about the other side of this.

The Federal Government spent over $600,000,000 to set it up. What that tells me is the Government will spare no cost if it desires to thrust itself into any market, healthcare or otherwise.  And this is exactly what I was thinking when I came up with the idea of The System in my books.

My idea created over 3 years ago: Eventually, if it desires too, Government will spend everything it has to take over any company, any market, any sector of the economy. The CEO’s of popular online companies should be looking at the Obamacare website and its cost and be shaking with anxiety. They could be next–what if the Government wants to get into the online search business or book business or online business or social media business? It has the tax dollars to do so.

So, not only will the Government spend billions to get into a market, it will spend hundreds of millions to set up a website. Then, what’s to stop it from spending more millions to create websites to drive the private sector out from other business like it’s doing in healthcare?

And I predicted it well before the Obamacare site was ever designed.


I’m sure this story . . .

Commuters Fail To Notice Gunman

. . . caught a lot of people’s attention within the last few days. It’s a bizarre one, isn’t it? It caught my eye as well but I didn’t think it was bizarre. It got my attention because I wrote about something similar in my Govicide series, specifically in Comply and Resist.

In both books, I have scenes where people ignore each other in very close settings–on a bus and when they’re walking to work. My main characters notice this and wonder why this is happening.

A theme I mess around with (can I put it that way?) throughout the series is: What happens when Government provides everything for everybody? Well, I postulate that one of the side effects would be people start to lose value in each other–in relationships, in interactions, in conversations, in working together.

In this case, a bunch of people on a commuter train are so caught up in themselves, so involved with their devices, not believing that interacting with someone else could be a much better pursuit than anything on their phone, that it almost got all of them killed. Granted, I’m not sure Big Government caused their behavior, but it does appear we are a society that is surely headed toward less interaction with our neighbors than more.

And that can only be good for Big Government and bad for the individual.


I saw this . . .

Grandmother Kills Grandchild

. . . and thought of my books, specifically Comply and Resist. As I wrote in a prior post, there isn’t much love for unborns in the One World Government (OWG). Well, there isn’t much love for the young-born either.

Children are seen as subjects who do nothing but suck up resources the OWG provides. Thus, at a moment’s notice, in my books, parents can desert their children or kill them–remember: Murder isn’t a major crime in the OWG. This is already happening on the Earth. And I didn’t know this when I wrote the books in 2010.

Recently, I read an article by a guy who escaped North Korea. Things have gotten so bad in that country that parents and children fight each other for food, with the youngsters frequently being beaten if not killed–by their parents.

This is what happens when Government tries to provide everything for everyone.

Some people have said my books are outlandish. This is one more reason they aren’t.