World Dominance

Never say that socialists don’t want world control:

Global Tax On Wealth

It’s funny: You never hear about capitalists/free marketers/individualists who hell-bent on controlling the world. You never hear them saying something needs to be forced on every person on the Earth in an effort to make the world “better.” You never hear conservatives that freedom needs to be forced upon people, whether they like it or not.

But socialists? They see a social engineering experiment wherever they look. Why are they like this? Because they don’t want anybody to be able to escape their grasp. Even if there was only one country on the Earth that was capitalistic, and the rest of the World was socialist, it still wouldn’t make them happy. They try long and hard to conquer that one country, even at the expense of many of their own.

So, it’s no surprise I tapped this observation and put it in my Govicide novels. The One World Government controls the entire Earth–and it’s as communist as can be. And my books give a very good picture of what would happen if there was no other place left to run.

Whereas, in a capitalist world, there will always be choices.

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