Works Of Art

Articles like this are always interesting to me. Even more so because something like this happens in the second book of my Govicide series.

Stolen Art from WWII Found

As can be seen in Muslim countries, one of the first parts of culture to suffer is art. Anything that shows freedom, beauty, the human condition, etc. Anything that contradicts how the Government wishes to portray how life should be.

In my second book, a stash of forgotten/unknown art is discovered by my main characters in an abandoned coffee shop on the outskirts of LA. Its the first art they’ve seen having nothing to do with the glorification of the One World Government.

What they discover is somebody has saved and hid this art so it wouldn’t be destroyed when the OWG came to power many years before.

Of course, in the case of the Nazis, they stole it, then sold it for cheap, and used the money to finance their war effort. In my book, the people who took this art did it because they believed it was a true expression of freedom and wanted to hide it from those who would destroy it.

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